The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim PC Patch 1.2 Is Out Now; Not compatible with LAA

DSOGaming writes: "The long awaited patch for Skyrim was promised to be released on November 28th for the consoles but guess what everyone; the patch is already out for the PC. Yeap, PC gamers won’t have to wait until next week to enjoy the new features that are coming with this new update. However, we should warn everyone that Skyrim won’t be compatible with the LAA fix – a mod to use more than 2GB of RAM – after you apply this patch. Thankfully, all other mods and .ini tweaks are unaffected by this update."

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Letros2348d ago

Steam 4tw, none of that submission crap consoles are required to go through.

DeadManMcCarthy2348d ago

Agreed, so much more convenient.

HSx92348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

Glad to see that stability was fixed, I was getting annoyed when my game crashed every 20 mins.

john22348d ago

If you are using mods there is a high chance to encounter more crashes to desktop now. A fix for those crashes was the LAA which is incompatible now with the latest version of the Skyrim executable file.

slayorofgods2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

this article is dated for tomorrow, is that when the patch is out for Skyrim?

I'm not finding patch 1.2 anywhere.

papashango2348d ago

The patch that came out today wasnt really a patch per se. It was just a new tesv.exe file that replaced the old one. with the old file u could start up skyrim directly bypassing steam and this new now requires ur steam account to be active.

From what im reading this new .exe is extremely finnicky to where trying to stick the 4gb fix on it causes the game to not startup. So basically if you were having random ctd's before then you're stuck with em until they decide to fix it.

I predicted they would fix the .exe so I made a copy of the old one and replaced the new one with it. disabled auto update for skyrim and im still getting achievements.

ThatEnglishDude2348d ago

Steam isn't updating the game automatically. My in game build number is 1.1.2. Shouldn't it be 1.2.0? Or do Steam roll out patches at various times?

kevnb2348d ago

the patch that came out today isnt this.

Perjoss2348d ago

I think you might be right as I cannot find patch notes for todays patch anywhere.

kevnb2348d ago

ya check the steam forums, it seems all this did was encrypt the exe.

Scizz2348d ago

"In Taking Care of Business, fixed issue where Brynjolf would not give player this quest if Talen Jei was dead"

Yeah, what about Bryn actually leaving his post after his distraction. Can anyone confirm that this is fixed?

Raider692348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

This patch is the one already released to consoles,the change log is the same from the 1.1 from consoles..except they encrypt the exe.What a way to screw buyers,now you have to be connected to Steam 24/7 every time you are playing the game!?Why the hell cant i launch the game using steam and them exit my internet connection a keep playing.Its just stupid having to have steam working on the background during the entire play.

Bladesfist2348d ago

wrong, you need to be logged into steam. If it detects that you are in offline mode but have activated the game on steam it will let you play.