Top 5 most underrated games on PlayStation 3 - Ratchet on top

PSPSPS writes:

"For all the whinging early in the year, looking back with the crystal clarity of hindsight, we haven't really done all that badly, have we? The one year anniversary of the PS3 (for the US anyway) has left us with a fistful of truly great games and a respectable number of just plain good ones."

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gamesblow3830d ago

Underrated?? Resistance has sold over 2 million copies. that's not underrated, SNORK! R&C was adorned with 9's and 10's all over the map... the majority of reviews being super positive. that's not underated, SLAP ASS! Warhawk has more people on their serves than Resistance and COD4 ... probably put together. How is that underrated? Assassins Creed is a pile of junk and Heavenly Sword was garbage.

Lucreto3830d ago

I agree with Resistance and Warhawk but disagree with Assassins Creed and Heavenly Sword.

I enjoyed Heavenly Sword. It was funny and well made. It is short but I have been playing it slowly and I a enjoying it.

Assassins Creed is the same. I am collecting all the flags and such and I can barely put it down. It only froze twice on me since its release.

MK_Red3830d ago

How the heck could you say HS and AC are junk?
They are both really great fun and amazing games. Sure, AC has bugs but what other open-world game hasn't or doesn't become a bit repetitive after time?
And only problem with HS is that it's short. Aside from that, it's a classic game. You really need to open your eyes.

GIJeff3830d ago

is pretty much (other than god of war) the best action game ever. No kidding. Whats better?

okcomputer3830d ago

Devil may cry 1&3 and ninga gaiden are all better action games than hs

KingME3830d ago

These are the metacritic ratings for those games, notice that all but two are either equal to or higher rated that Uncharted. Yet uncharted did not make the list. I feel uncharted is more underated than all of those on this list.

Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction 89
Assassin's Creed 86
Heavenly Sword 79
Warhawk 84
Resistance: Fall of Man 86
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune 86

Perhaps the article should have been titled "top 5 under appreciated ps3 games." But then again, if that was being said then there would be no one to blame but PS3 owners for not buying them. And we can't have fanboys taking the blame for anything; right?

Who cares how those clowns rate games, if you like it buy it. The problem is that a lot of people complain about the ratings and then don't buy the game. If you decided to not buy the game after seeing the ratings, then you obviously agree with the rating. Otherwise why not go out a but the game.

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iceice1233830d ago

Well first off [email protected] their site name. I also like how they're crying their games are underrated just because the games are on their console. Well I guess we need a random crap site to cry about how Halo 3 should have nothing below an 9.8, Forza nothing below 9.6 etc for all our games too. Sony fans cry so much about reviews even though they say they do not to care, makes no sense :)

shmee3830d ago

firstly a cartoon game with very low poly characters dont even qualify as a ext gen game.

EUROPEANS and JAPANESE are cautious people . This is why HALO 3 is a mega flop over there

Bladestar3830d ago

@shmee - Halo 3 megaflop in Europe and Japan... yet it sold quicker and more than Any console game ever sold and will sell... what does that tell you about the game industry? Yes, that America is the primary and most important region in the game industry...

Plain and system, "EUROPEANS and JAPANESE are cautious people ." means $h!t as far as business is concern... Sony can keep Japan... look at the games of today... tell me which Japanese game this generation (released one) helped the xbox 360 or the PS3 get to where they are at? all top games are western and many of these companies are American... the biggest game publishers are NOT japanese anymore... things changed... Japanense consoles need western developers... what do you think it would happen if American publishers and developers only supported the xbox?

Americans buy games... don't forget that.... without America Playstation is dead... and without "EUROPEANS and JAPANESE" the xbox seems to be doing just fine.

People talk about the PS3 beating the xbox 360 in terms of sales.. but take a look at the games sells...

Power of Blu3830d ago

"Sony fans cry so much about reviews even though they say they do not to care"

Like how you cry so much about pretty much anything to do with the PS3? "Wha Wha Wha PS3 sucks" "Wha Wha Wha Sony fans are babies"

Well done mate!

Power of Blu3830d ago

"Halo 3 megaflop in Europe and Japan... yet it sold quicker and more than Any console game ever sold and will sell... what does that tell you about the game industry?"

How about that Xbox fans will buy anything regardless of quality? Woot! Stick Master Chiefs face on a can of drink and I bet you guys think it tastes better! Halo3 prooved one very solid lesson to the industry in that you put enough money behind the advertisment with Master chief pants and Master chief toothpaste and you gulible lemmings lap it up.

You also say that Japanese consoles need western developers, that's a crock of sh!t too. Japanese games have been far superior than a lot of your american crap for as long as I can remember. The sooner the Japanese games start hitting the shelves, the sooner we will actually enter Next Gen. Nintendos already started. Sony is getting there. Maybe Microsoft will get there on the Xbox3.

Lucreto3830d ago

Halo did sell well but it is out of the top 10 now and lots of places have discounted the game to clear the overstock.

People talk about PS3 not selling but my local GAME just sold its last 360 where tons of them were dumped on them last Christmas.

GIJeff3830d ago

It was mostly japanese games that made the ps1 and ps2 successful. And guess what? its going to be the same thing with the ps3. FF series and GT pretty much ARE playstation. Also, MGS is PS3 exclusive making another system seller that is japanese. Im sorry, just because halo is american and it has american success(even though its a steaming pile and everyone knows it but everything else on the console is even worse) doesnt mean the same is true for all consoles. Especially the japanese made consoles. Grow up. The ONLY console that will meet the ps2's success is PS3. FACT.

KingME3830d ago

That was an incredible reach at best. And very desperate at that. It's amazing to me how many companies talk to walk-in customers about the inventory and business operations. There is NO WAY you local game just sold the last of their december 2006 inventory. That sh!t isn't even remotely believable.

And if they were given that many, then they have a management issue anyway. Which would explain why the spoke with you about how long their inventory has been on the shelf. NOT!

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HarryEtTubMan3830d ago

haha They are scared. Bladestar is a little girl jealous of the PS3. Plain and simple. And his dreams are STILL going to be crushed in the end. Its a marathon. Not a sprint. And Sony is already taking the lead. 9 long years ahead for u guys but keep on hating.... its gonna make u that much more upset when Sony is kicking ur a$$

candystop3830d ago

Sony isnt winning sh!t so get over it biatch! I give you one more year to completly switch side and realize just how stupid you use to sound and be calling me your buddy lol!

Skerj3830d ago

It's Folklore by a LONG shot.

fredy3830d ago

like resistance and others only sold since there was nothing to play.(it's true)

R&C is just the same ol game with graphical improvements which was expected.

Heavenly sword is an Ok game kind of short but you can have just as much as fun with god of War 2 on the PS2.

If the game were selling like hotcakes to the masses with PS3's then yeah some would be underrated but if they don't sell much how is it underrated?

Games like "shadow of collosis" is underrated not simple games with just graphical improvements. which was expected.

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