Modern Warfare 3 pre-Thanksgiving update to address 'laggy' games

Infinity Ward community manager Robert Bowling has confirmed a massive update is in the works for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

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TopDudeMan2432d ago

I haven't really had much trouble, but I'm glad they are addressing these things

JsonHenry2432d ago

I have not played very much of the game but from what little I have played I haven't noticed anything too obvious as being laggy. Not sure exactly what they think they can accomplish without a dedicated host anyway.

Tanir2432d ago

how bout finish the damn game before you release it activision?

Noticeably_FAT2432d ago

What large FPS game doesn't have issues when it launches? Battlefield 3 was unplayable, I cant think of a single one that was problem free. It's just because it has Call Of Duty in the title that fools like to give it a hard time.

Horny2432d ago

No its the fact that this is the 5th cod with same engine and same problems. Same can be said for Bethesda games.
Not that I don't enjoy them, but having the same glitches and problems will cause you to get some attention.

Avernus2432d ago

It's been 4 years making the same much longer do they need?

Noticeably_FAT2432d ago

Sweet! Last night it was showing up as nobody had host, 3 bars across the board. Glad they are on top of things with this latest MW game.

Great game overall though, so much fun! Kill Confirmed especially.

flyinrhyno2432d ago

Kill confirmed is great, really fun game and support packages make it fun for people who dont like to camp. if you havent tried spec ops, its great survival will make you a better player on whatever board you play it on.

DarkTower8052432d ago

KC is now my favorite game mode, haven't even played anything else in MW3. I'm loving this game so far, haven't had so much fun in a COD game in a long time.

I'm also glad IW embraced the whole gun-on-gun, fast-paced arcade feel. MW3 has a feel thats unique and the devs are staying true to that. Other devs should take a lesson from that and stay true to their game and core audience.

flyinrhyno2432d ago

The only reason i played spec ops and not kc was because i couldnt get online for about 2 hours (my internet connection not psn's problem) but got about 1 day and 19hrs on kc , i just dont understand why people rush to pick uo the gold tags and dont pick up the red ones, theyre worth the same points player wise and stop the other team from scoring

Drabent2432d ago

Wow they gonna work on the Lag this time.../faintz~