OFFICIAL: Silent Hill 2 HD will feature both old and new sets of voice performances

"It’s official. The Silent Hill HD Collection will offer gamers the chance to play through Silent Hill 2 HD with either the old voice performances or the new revised voice over work."

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BakedGoods2097d ago

True. I don't know why they didn't consider this in the first place, they would have dodged a lot of critisim.

Army_of_Darkness2097d ago

We have bigger issues at hand people!! Tie or no tie for my interview?? Damn I hate interviews...

Batzi2097d ago

glad they took this decision. They're not losing anything this way except for disc space :P

Inception2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

Ok, SH 2 voice act problems is solved. But what about SH 3? Cause konami never show a trailer for the new va...

tack1292097d ago

Wait so SH3 may not include the old VA because a VA is missing.

Ok that is slightly worrying.

FacelessGod2097d ago

God, I certainly hope no crazed Silent Hill fan kidnapped Heather.