PC gamers, meet Cube World; an adventure RPG voxel game

DSOGaming writes: "PC gamers, meet Cube World. Cube World is a 3D action RPG that is currently in development for the PC. As its title suggest, it features a huge procedurally generated world made up of cubes that will definitely remind you Minecraft and Voxatron. Make no mistake though, this is not a Minecraft clone. This is an adventure RPG voxel game that looks great and has huge potential."

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Pandamobile2286d ago

I love the look of voxels.

Jacks_Medulla2285d ago

Have you played Voxatron? The game is gorgeous.

Voxelman2285d ago

And everyone loves voxels, and they especially love men made out of them...

krontaar2285d ago

The developer is an asshole and tries to viral his game on /v/ all the time.

D3mons0ul2285d ago

Nobody gives a flying fuck about /v/.