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Ten years ago, the original Xbox launched with a title that revolutionized console FPS gaming and took off in student dorms everywhere.

The problem is even in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, the game is starting to show its age.

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ShottySnipa4172247d ago

This isn't a bad review, but I have one complaint about it. It's SUPPOSED to show it's age. The game play mechanics and physics of this game weren't touched, only the visuals. In fact, we kind of knew about this for a few months before the game even released.

I do agree with one of his cons that the loading time between classic and remastered graphics can be a bit too long.

pangitkqb2247d ago

I dont know if he means that showing its age is bad, but rather that the ways it does so are not as expected. Everyone expected it would play like the original Halo, but the same mid-level loads? Anyway, looks awesome.

StanLee2247d ago

The loading time between the feature is negligible. Seriously, it's not enough to be a great distraction. It's a feature that's there for novelty and after the first few times, it loses it's luster. That said, I seems a lot of reviewers did not pay attention in the lead up to this game's release or a plain uninformed or just want to nitpick. The game is the same as it was 10 years ago, same campaign which is dated by today's standards, same quirks, same linear gameplay. ONLY the visuals and sound were given a fresh coat of paint.

IQUITN4G2247d ago (Edited 2247d ago )

Halo1 is still a bloody amazing game. It's better than the excellent sequels too. Quirky perhaps when you frst go back to it but clearly still a very good game

I would argue that more could have been done to the anniversary version regards to content and that there are issues here and there with this conversion, but all i seem to read about is how it's aged- and frankly that's bollocks because it really hasn't- even up against the latest modern day campaigns. Halo1 was obviously a fluke

You get the definite impression half the reviewers never really played these games to death or that they aproach a review from the one playthrough of a game. I'm beginning to care less what these so called experts think these days

SockeyBoy2247d ago

I love how i got the feeling of *crap i finished it* when the credits rolled. Its a true gem.

Cajun Chicken2247d ago

Completely brilliant. If not the best example of HD port yet.

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