GamerMetrics Analyst Talks Wii Core vs. Mainstream 'Fine Line'

As part of a new analyst newsletter, IGN GamerMetrics' Nick Williams has been discussing Nintendo's Wii dilemma, specifically the 'fine line' between keeping core gamers happy and attracting mainstream gamers, with particular reference to the console's 2008 releases. Gamasutra reprint his editorial in full here with his kind permission.

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kingme713949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

Interesting article. If you court the casual gamer, you have to be prepared to impress them with that shiny wedding ring and figure out how to keep them past that newlywed phase. Of course you have your college buddy Bob sleeping on the couch that still wants to go out drinking... how to keep the both happy? It will be interesting to see how Nintendo and 3rd parties do it.