Opinion: Why Xbox 360 Still Leads the Market

Steven Hopper: "Last week, IGN's Colin Moriarty published an opinion piece suggesting that the PS3 will beat the Xbox 360 before this generation is over. Citing worldwide averages and conjecture of lifetime sales, Colin makes a compelling argument, stating that the 360's year head start is the main reason for the system's lead over the PS3. However, as he said, you can't ignore the numbers, so let's take a look at what they really say."

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GribbleGrunger2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

how on earth can these journalists keep ignoring the facts? 8 million lead down to 2 million lead. no matter how many words or how eloquently put an article of this type can be written, they cannot keep burying their heads in the quicksand of ignorance. the way he interprets things in this article is verging on delusional or, dare i say it, manipulative.

i think the 360 is a great machine and it's done really well, but if these articles are to keep popping up then you can bet that PS3 owners are going to keep popping in to bring sanity to the proceedings. please by all means tell us how wonderful the 360 is because it is, but when it gets comparative, it gets embarrassing.

the world is a lot bigger than these journalist realise

Dante1122374d ago

So true, and why do they continuously exclude the Wii this gen? You would think that the 360 was in first place this gen going of how certain journalists talk.

MysticStrummer2374d ago

I can see both sides of that argument, but I exclude the Wii also. It's not in the same category as PS3 and 360 in my opinion. However, as a PS3 fan and Microsoft hater I will allow the Wii to be included just so the 360 is in second instead of first. ;) (Notice I say I'm a fan of Sony's console, not Sony itself, and a hater of Microsoft, not the 360)

LOGICWINS2374d ago

@Dante112-As MysticStrummer says, the Wii isn't in the same category as the PS3 and 360. If we were to include EVERY gaming device in figuring out whose leading the market...then smartphones would be leading the charge by a WIDE margin.

Do you now see why we need to separate gaming devices by category?

If we're including the Wii in figuring out whose leading the charge, then we have to be fair and include the DS, 3DS, PSP, and ALL smartphones. All of these are GAMING devices.

yesmynameissumo2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

That's why there's gaming consoles, PCs, smartphones and portables to categorize. Excluding the Wii is only to have the 360 look as though it is some dominating force in North isn't. Out of the 3 (and only 3) major home consoles the Wii leads, period. Globally the Wii leads. Globally, second place is up in the air with a 2 million (once 10 million) console gap between the 360 and PS3. The PS3 will likely take 2nd, with the 360 taking 2nd in the North America.

All of this means dick.

EDIT: Logic - I'm looking at gaming consoles. Not phones I play Angry Birds on. Consoles. Including a device that has nothing of any tangible comparison, besides it playing games, is dumbfounding. Let's throw graphics calculators in the mix since you can game on those too. Smartphones are called phones because their main function is a phone. Guess game consoles are called game consoles?

LOGICWINS2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

"Excluding the Wii is only to have the 360 look as though it is some dominating force in North isn't."

Excluding smartphones is only to have gaming consoles look as though it is some dominating force in North isn't.

Yesmynameissumo, your doing EXACTLY what you claim the author of this article is doing...not looking at the BIG picture.

"Let's throw graphics calculators in the mix since you can game on those too"

Sure, why not. A video game console is an interactive entertainment computer or customized computer system that produces a video display signal which can be used with a display device (a television, monitor, etc.) to display a video game.

Smartphones and graphing calculators fall under this definition. Also, I'm pretty sure Wikipedia is more credible than you are. Have a nice day...try to use evidence to back up your claims next time instead of hiding behind a disagree button :)

yesmynameissumo2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

I didn't hide behind a disagree button, you see I can't press it 4 times. I also need not run to Wikipedia to link me to a definition that further proves MY point. What smart phone do you or would you connect to a monitor or television to play a game? C'mon. I don't need to back up common sense with evidence. This like watching a one legged, wingless duck drown. You really don't like being wrong, do you?

EDIT: I mean - I didn't hide behind a disagree button, you see I can't press it 5 times.

EDIT: I mean - I didn't hide behind a disagree button, you see I can't press it 6 times. You get the point, right? Or would you prefer a Wikipedia link? :)

GrandTheftZamboni2374d ago

360 and Wii are in the same category. They both have last gen optical drive.

KingSlayer2374d ago

Someone's "logic" got owned. Lulz.

ABizzel12374d ago

If the PS3 launched with the 360 I think it would have a bigger lead than the 360. Taking just numbers the PS3 sells an average of 11.2 million consoles per year, the 360 9.74 million per year. The 360 is at 58.4 and the PS3 55.8, add another year's worth of sales and the PS3 is at 67 million vs. 58.4 for the 360 if they launched at the same time.

Another thing to factor in is the RROD. I'm sure thousands if not millions of people went out to buy new 360's once their old one died (perfect example almost everyone I know did unless there were already 2 360's in the house). Each sale was counted as a new system sold. And when the newer models were suppose to be Red Ring proof, people traded in their old systems for the newer models, and did the same thing when the Xbox Slim came out as well.

Now I know this same situation has happened with the PS3 YLOD, and the PS3 Slim. However, RROD was a far greater epidemic than YLOD, and PS3 slim cut features from the original PS3's so upgrading wasn't as necessary as the 360.

No hate or disrespect to the 360 in any kind of way I had an original and traded it for a slim, and did the same with my PS3. I'm just saying fact is the 360 had some major benefits (infamous as well) for why it sold as well as it did. But averaging their time on the market shows the true story.

360: 9.74 million per year
PS3: 11.2 million per year (plus it launched later in Europe)
Wii: 17.96 million per year


They did say HD consoles, and the Wii isn't HD as far as I know.

2374d ago
darthv722374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

360 does NOT lead. People will try and classify things to suit their own view. Facts are facts. regardless how you want to sort them out. Nintendo and their wii system is leading the overall worldwide sales for this console generation.

Sony and the ps2 lead in overall sales for the previous generation. Sony and the PS1 lead in overall sales of the one before that.

It does not matter the technical specifics when you are looking at the overall picture of the big 3 from the introduction of the 360 to today. The introduction of the 360 in 05 marks the start of this console generation despite sony's claim of "next gen starts when we say so".

If you want to create categories for sd and hd then we could exclude the wii from hd and be left with the 360 and ps3. Between the two the 360 leads in the overall total of hd consoles sold.

If they want to break it down in a year by year then you will have varying results between ps3 and 360. Each one has lead over the other and vice versa. This is if you really want to get picky about how you want to classify the results.

MrBeatdown2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )


You're actually trying to say that if you count the Wii, you have to count smartphones, PCs and graphing calculators as well? Wow. What exactly makes the Wii as different from a PS3 or 360 as a smartphone?

Well, you are justifying your opinion with a loose interpretation of a Wikipedia definition, so I guess you must be right, right?.

How about a real definition of "console" that you can't wildly misinterpret to mean anything that you can play a game on...

"an electronic system that connects to a display (as a television set) and is used primarily to play video games"


Yeah, I'm pretty sure the Wii, 360 and PS3 are all PRIMARILY used to play video games. I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that PCs, smartphones, and calculators aren't primarily used for gaming. I think they are used for phone calls, and math and things like that.

Hell, I actually think PS3 and 360 are different enough from Wii to warrant a look at them independent of the Wii, but trying to treat the Wii as if it is as different as a smartphone or a PC and basically irrelevant in a comparison to PS3 and 360 is just nonsense. All three are game consoles with the primary purpose being playing games. It's really just that simple.

This is in response to Dante112 and sumo too seeing as how the article this article is responding to was called "Why PlayStation 3 Will Outsell Xbox 360" (Hint: Not about the Wii)... It's just as reasonable to include the Wii as it is to exclude it. Don't try to pass off your way of looking at as if it's the "right" way of looking at it. Wii has it's differences from PS3 and 360, but getting back to my original point... it has a hell of a lot of similarities, and far more than a phone, PC, calculator or any thing else that can play a game.

Outside_ofthe_Box2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

"C'mon. I don't need to back up common sense with evidence."

Dang, this is a bullet to LOGICWINS' brain.

If we were to go with LOGICWINS' logic this whole which gaming device is leading the market argument is mute.

What's funny is that Logic said "smartphones would be leading the charge by a WIDE margin."

Which is absolutely false. We all know that the PC is leading the charge by a WIDE margin. I'm surprised that 'Logic' didn't realize this. Anyways this is why I said it's mute. If you include EVERY gaming device the PC will always lead. =/ 1

EDIT: Bubs to MrBeatdown as he sure gave Logic a good beat down lol.

buddymagoo2373d ago

If ever there was any proof of IGN and Logicwims wearing rose tinted glasses.

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Shang-Long2374d ago

the media created the "HD console title" so the xbox could say its beating the the ps3 without having to be compared to the wii sales. we all know the wii is leading with consoles sold.

blackburn102374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

That is the way people are this gen. Sony is STILL breathing down their necks and Nintendo is still sprinting ahead with the Wii. Sony dropped their lead from 8 million to about 2 million and people barely even acknowledged it. I mean that is pathetic.

Sony is at its weakest since the last gen and Microsoft STILL can't throw them off? And everyone acts like they have won and are standing in the winners circle with this gen almost over. The PS2 and PS1 surpassed the competition by tens of millions and people cheer and kiss Microsoft @$$ over a couple million or a few tens of thousand dollar leads. They had a year head start and are still stuck in the middle trying to get [email protected]

CGI-Quality very good point. If the the 360 RULES the regions that everyone keeps saying they do why aren't they ahead? Why are they still only 2 million ahead of the PS3 and lagging behind the Wii?

2374d ago
GrandTheftZamboni2374d ago


"Where did those customers come from?"

You forgot Sega gamers, who didn't think kindly of Sony for well known reasons, as well as shooter fans abandoning PC gaming for 360.

PS3 is well on its way to sell the same amount as PS1 at least.

ApplEaglElephant2374d ago

and being 1 year out early.

Sony was at huge disadvantage. and they are still out selling. there is no question there.

MS is partnered with Viacom the largest TV conglomerate on earth for marketing.

So yea. another huge disadvantage for PS3.

but PS3 is still winning out with great games.

bredstick652374d ago

Not to get to off topic but shouldn't software come in to play in this argument. How many systems sold really does not matter.

The Wii may be #1 but I have one and Zelda is the first game I have purchased this year. It really is a crap system that I only use when friends ask.

The Playstation is by far the best overall system but there are too many people who purchased it solely as a blue-ray player.

The Xbox as painful as it is to say sells the most software and accessory's. The evil empire knew it had to release a year before it was ready, did it, and captured the majority of the gamers.

Just about every teen and pre-teen has one and every kid who doesn't wants one to play with their friends.

Thank you Europe for not buying into a system that is guaranteed to break and charges for everything possible to get the most out of.

Unfortunately Microsoft so far has won this gen. Albeit from releasing an unfinished product but still they generate the most overall revenue so far. The Playstation is a far superior machine. The average consumer just doesn't pay attention.

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CGI-Quality2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

Never mind the fact that the Xbox 360 is in 3rd place in multiple regions (EMEAA & JP), while only being ahead of the PS3 in America, yet STILL not the market leader there either. The overall winner is the Wii, period dot, with the PS3 possibly crossing the 2nd place mark before the gen is over (staying in 3rd in the Americas, however).

Not to take anything from the 360 or Microsoft's brand, they've come a long way, but to claim the numbers speak the real truth, and then ignore that very truth, seems a bit.....odd.

fluffydelusions2374d ago

"but to claim the numbers speak the rea truth"

That said, one could also argue, who lost the most market share this gen

CGI-Quality2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

We could argue that, but that's not the subject matter, thus it's irrelevant. This point in time, the 360 isn't the market leader, in any region, rendering not only the title misleading, but much of the the article false.

BitbyDeath2374d ago

Or we could also claim that the PS3 is actually coming 4th cause the PS2 is still selling in first place LOLZ

A-Glorious-Dawn2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

It's like an IGN civil war.

Seriously they have been loosing the plot lately, did you read the article 'against fanboy wars'? where they ranted about how the fanboys were ignorant for rating MW3 0 on meta.

Well here they are instigating fanboy wars once again.

NYC_Gamer2374d ago

well,in my opinion it's because of the xbl experience.

Micro_Sony2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

I love XBL and my online buddies feel like family because of how it integrates socialism and gaming.

I have an online friend called TWOGEE and I have never met this dude in life but I feel like I can communicate more with him than my real life friends.

The Iron Sheik2374d ago

I don't think socialism means what you think it means. Eh comrade?

Tonester9252374d ago

I always wanted to know if these articles are suppose to make someone buy a Xbox 360?

E2S2374d ago

if they are, they've failed terribly in the E2S household.

firelogic2374d ago

Bottom line, the PS3 has been outselling the 360 year after year since launch. This is with the PS3 debuting at the ridiculous $600 price point. In terms of total sales per year, the PS3 outstrips the 360. There's no ifs ands or buts about it. PS3 sold more over 5 years than the 360 did over 5 years. The one year lead is the only reason why they're clinging to a marginal lead.

kaveti66162374d ago

You would think the PS3 would have surpassed the 360's 10 million unit head start in 5 years.

Hicken2374d ago

You would think the 360's year head start and low entry price would have helped it hold on to, if not expand upon, that ten million unit head start over five years.

kaveti66162373d ago

No, I wouldn't. The way some people talk about how much the PS3 is thrashing the 360 worldwide on this website, I was under the impression that the PS3 was way ahead. But I guess talk is cheap.