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PlayStation Move, why aren't you moving?

Jim Sterling: "The PlayStation Move came to North America on September 17, 2010. In that time, I think I've used the peripheral maybe six times. This is said as a person whose job it is to own and use one of these things.

When the controller was first introduced, Sony made a big deal about how it could create richer, deeper experiences than we'd gotten on the Wii. Coupled with Sony's more "hardcore" focus, we seemed in line to receive the kind of motion-controlled games that had a real edge and innovation to them, rather than the waggling minigames the Wii has helped perpetuate so damn much.

So ... where are they? Where are these deep experiences? Why, over a year on from the peripheral's release, are we still getting proof-of-concept games instead of actual games?" (Playstation Move, PS3)

Ulf  +   1412d ago
Plenty of games with Move support released recently...

Resistance 3, Deadmund's Quest, NMH 2, Child of Eden, Infamous 2 got it patched in, SingStar Dance, etc.

What are these guys on about? They are whining about how Move support changes from game to game?
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SlipperyMooseCakes  +   1412d ago
Did you even read the article?
Ulf  +   1412d ago
Yeah, they are whining about exactly what I just said. The question was a "wth with the article?" not "what is the article about?"

A common destructoid theme.
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LOGICWINS  +   1412d ago
"The only PlayStation Move game that's ever looked worth a shit is Sorcery, and unsurprisingly, it's a game that we've seen bugger-all from since the Move first launched. In December, Sony is due to finally unveil a hands-on version of the game, and I am expecting good things. Even if it is good, however, it's a year too late and it's just one game."

LOLOL. Jim's rants are hilarious. His British accent makes his rants even funnier.
ApplEaglElephant  +   1412d ago
W/e Move has it better for hardcore than Kinect
Buying kinect has been a massive disappoint for me. i mean MS did tell us Kinect will be for hardcore. what a joke that was.

Either way, Move hasn't really impressed me yet, but it does have some games for hardcore.
cpayne93  +   1412d ago
What we really need isn't just move support in normal games. They are nice to, but we need more games which utilize move to its full potential, something you could not have done without it. Let me point out a wii title, Red Steel 2. That game was very unique, a mix between swordplay and gunplay very well done, and it just wouldn't have been as fun with a normal controller. Imagine that game with the more accurate ps move, yet there are no games as of yet which really match that experience. We need bigger adventure games, hopefully scorcery will be good.
kikizoo  +   1412d ago
medieval is coming + ton of others "only move" title.(but killzone and others title, with sharpshooter, are "very unique" too..;and way better than red steal)

by the way, if you look@ the disagree, it's clear that destructoid' fans or xfanboy (it can be the same) are on fire...pathetic.
cpayne93  +   1412d ago
@kikizoo I wouldn't say there are a "ton of others" in regards to playstation move titles. Yeah we got medieval moves and scorcery eventually but what else? And other shooters are fun with the move, but not all that innovative or a whole new experience either. I didn't say red steel 2 was better than those shooters, its just an example of how the move should be used, for games that deliver an experience you could not get without motion controls.

Edit: @mcstorm "But also part of the problem is more or less every move game will let you use the DS3 so why would anyone spend £100+ on move when they can use the DS3 just as well."

Very true, most people don't want to spend money just to play the same games a little differently. However, I can't really imagine regular xbox games being fully playable by both kinect and the xbox controller. Kinect can't really play these core games, but the move can, so the kinect had to have these games biult especially for them.
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mcstorm  +   1412d ago
I have to agree with you I have been saying this for ages. One thing MS got right with Kinect is to say that all games had to be build with kinect in mind not just have a patch added for it to work with a game for a controller and this is part of the reason it has become a massive it and PS Move has not, But also part of the problem is more or less every move game will let you use the DS3 so why would anyone spend £100+ on move when they can use the DS3 just as well.

I think sony will keep plodding along with Move until next gen and then I think there will be another version of Move that replaces the DS3 and all games will be made to use this controller and we will then get to see the best of the PS move because at the moment it is just getting wii ports and some developers not even looking at move and making games for wii and Kinect.

I dont think Sony expected Move to be a massive seller anyway but they wanted to see how well it worked as it is now to make it even better for next gen. I could be wrong but will have to wait and see.
Christopher  +   1412d ago
Plenty of games with Move support. Hardly any games, let alone worth mentioning, that are made to utilize it specifically.
gamingdroid  +   1412d ago
I feel like Sony essentially abandoned PS Move. Even worse, it seems retailers started clearance out PS Move related stuff this summer. Remember GameStop 50% off, or what about amazon.com with a similar deal?

The only game worth looking at is Sorcery at this point and I'm also wondering about Bioshock Infinite support, but have a feeling it is just like what is already been released in other FPS.

If I wanted party games, the Wii is superior even if the PS Move is more accurate since nothing produced for it is at the same level of fun, ... not even close! Also, the Wii cost basically the same as a PS Move setup not counting the PS3!
fei-hung  +   1411d ago
The Move games which work wonders and are absolutely amazing haven't sold. This is where the problem is. Gamers do not support the games which make the purchase of a Move worthwhile.

Games like:

1) The Fight Light Out - arguably the best boxing game I have ever played. Fight Night felt so rubbish after playing this game that I haven't bothered to go back to it and I refuse to until they patch it with Move support.

2) The Shoot - Amazing old skool arcade shooter fun with other amazing uses of the Move.

3) Time Crisis 4 and Razing Storm - it's Time Crisis, I shouldn't have to sya more.

4) Dead Sea Pirates - Amazing aracade shooter again

Had games like the above been better supported by gamers, we may be seeing more Move only titles. Unfortunately, all if not most the above games failed from a sales perspective and now people sit and complain.
enfestid  +   1411d ago
This is one of the best boxing games you've ever played?

fei-hung  +   1411d ago

Yes, it is.

The reviews were very very baised against the game and it almost stopped me buying the game. Luckily I was invited to a Playstation Beta event and played the game to realise the reviewers were mostly complete crap.

It plays far better than any Fight Night I have played. The damage models are better and the fact you have to heal your fighter as different injuries leave ure fighter taking more damage or giving less pain (broken wrist).

Unlike Fight Night, I can throw my punches and they will pull off as intended, meaning I won't get frustrated when I go to throw a uppercut, but a hook comes out instead.

The career mode is bigger, there are more unlocks and the game can be bought for a lot cheaper than the Fight.

Above all, it actually plays like a boxing / fighting game as you literally throw punches, elbows and uppercuts instead of tapping buttons.

Everyone I know who has played this has absolutely loved it. Those who haven't have missed out.
GribbleGrunger  +   1412d ago
i've got to agree here. if necessary i'll defend Sony, but here i find myself wanting. i bought a MOVE for LBP2 but frankly it never gets used. it's all well and good supporting hardcore games (regardless of people suggesting it has no games... it does) but those hardcore games don't really interest me and i'm sure thousands of people were looking to devs of the wii to port games over to the MOVE, but where are they? i was also looking forward to Sorcery as i'm sure nearly every other person with a MOVE was too, but i didn't expect this wait. the MOVE is a great piece of hardware, much more intuitive than Kinect and much more accurate than the Wii, but the one thing both of those products have that the MOVE doesn't is Bullshitting and advertising.

Sony needs to start doing both
darthv72  +   1412d ago
move support in existing games
is more tacked on that built from the ground up. You figure sony would never undermine their traditional control scheme for the hardcore player.

That has been the argument since motion control came out. "HARDCORE" gaming with motion controls IS possible but people have to be willing to play outside of traditional controls.

So long as there are millions of gamers who would rather sit than stand just as there are even more millions of gamers that would rather press a button and move a stick than learn to game differently.

We have been playing game the same way for the last 30 years. Do people really expect things to just stay the way they are for the next 30? Move needs its own games. ones that are built specifically where a regular controller would not work.

Sorcery is a good example but there has to be more. More will come if more are willing to take that risk and get one. It is the classic case of add-on afterthought. If it was not the focus of the main company from the start then support will falter.

Nintendo and the wiimote you are using that for EVERY wii game no matter if it is held sideways, front, waggle or even with a classic controller attachment. The wiimote is the centerpiece for the wii control options.

Kinect has been something MS has been working with on the PC for many years. What better way to get it into the hearts and minds of millions of users than by shoehorning it into a game console. It gives them the perfect excuse to ramp up gesture support in windows and the indie community.

@yesmyname... thats the point. It has to be more than just work well. It has to create a purpose for that user to put down the regular controller and pick up the move. Im impressed at how many games support it but those games are not designed with MOVE as the primary control scheme.

If anything, Move has been turned into a gimick controller useful only when the gamer permits. Not the game. Like the guitar controller is usefull for only the guitar games. Other than that it gets set aside. Move doesnt deserve to be set aside. Thats why it needs its own games that you just cant play any other way.

Then we will start to lose the stigma that it is just tacked on.
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yesmynameissumo  +   1412d ago
If it works well, WTH does it matter if it's tacked on?

EDIT: @darth - Good points, I see what you mean.

FULL advantage of Move's capabilities...the Resistance 3, Killzone 3, infamous2, Heavy Rain, Tumble, Hustle Kings, etc, etc, etc, do? Weak reason is weak.
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LOGICWINS  +   1412d ago
^^Because some people want games to take FULL advantage of the Move's capabilities...same way people want to see games take full advantage of the PS3's Cell Processor.

"thats the point. It has to be more than just work well. It has to create a purpose for that user to put down the regular controller and pick up the move. Im impressed at how many games support it but those games are not designed with MOVE as the primary control scheme."

Thank you! We're at the point where Move works well with games like Killzone 3...but we know damn well that the majority of KZ3 players won't spend an extra $100 to experience it with Move. It is when we get to THIS point that Move will be the success that it deserves to be.
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EcliPS3  +   1412d ago
Honestly, I loved Move when it first came out. I played Sports Champions for literally every day for 2 months straight. I thought they did a great job with the Move, and it felt really natural.

As of lately, I really have forgotten about it, but now that I think of it I wouldn't mind playing a good Move game (ie Sorcery).

I wanted The Fight to be good, and it really could have been great. But the camera just couldnt seem to pick up head movements in any lighting.

I agree with the article, but I would really like Sony to support Move, and not just use it as a check mark next to motion gaming.
iamnsuperman  +   1412d ago
The big problem is the MOVE is an optional extra to a lot of great games. A lot of gamers, probably put off by older motion controls games think it is not the best option/ it is an added cost, just are not going to buy it. I bought the Move even though I was reluctant to use it instead of standard controls because it was new but I do not play games any other way anymore. The problem is getting this message across. I put Move controls over normal controls especially when it comes to FPS because it feels natural. It doesn't matter how much Sony will say it people just will not buy it. Best way is to get them into shops. Make consumers try it. I do not see the Move in HMV/Game or in big retailers and it needs to (imo). Doing Move only games is too risky for Sony. Maybe they should release a few killer move only games but to make these games sell give the consumer the option to try them
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kma2k  +   1412d ago
ive said this plenty of times here on n4g ive spent a stupid amount of money this gen i mean really stupid, but the only thing i regret or feel ive wasted money on was my move. I keep hoping/praying something will come along to make me change that but nothing has yet. Im hoping sorcery is awesome!
Coach_McGuirk   1412d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
BitbyDeath  +   1412d ago
Move has got dance games, workout games, fighting games, shooting games, action games, kids games, sports games, puzzle games

And thats still not including games that support both a move and normal controller.

Whats missing exactly?

I think if you can't find move games to play then Move is just not for you.
gaden_malak  +   1412d ago
They need a Star Wars/Sword fighting game for it. It's perfect for those types of games.
Bathyj  +   1412d ago
I'd love a Bushido Blade game with 1:1 movement and realistic injuries. Anything where you can slice with accuracy.

Someone please tell me why the hell Metal Gear Rising doesnt have Move.
gaden_malak  +   1412d ago
Exactly. Metal Gear Rising would be perfect.
Bathyj  +   1412d ago
Killzone 3 with sharpshooter is still the best use I've seen of Move, not to mention the most immersive control scheme for a shooter (or maybe any game) ever.

If Sony want the Move to sell they should be encouraging 3rd parties to use it more. Especially MW3 and Battlefield. Thats a pretty big, untapped userbase.
Chaostar  +   1412d ago
"If Sony want the Move to sell they should be encouraging 3rd parties to use it more. Especially MW3 and Battlefield. Thats a pretty big, untapped userbase."

Ken Levine made the announcement that Bioshock will be supporting Move at E3.
He seems to be a genuine convert and this, should it implement successfully, could be a sign of things to come from more major 3rd parties.
TopDudeMan  +   1412d ago
I am not move-ing because I don't like motion controls. I'm old school. I like staying stationary while I play and not having to stand up.
Grodd  +   1412d ago
I've been a huge fan because I love light gun games, other than than I really don't use it that much. But the amount of light gun games I have continues to grow.

Cabela Dangerous Hunts 2011
Cabela Big Game Hunter 2012
Cabela Survival
Dead Space: Extraction
House of the Dead Overkill
Time Crisis Razing Storm 3 game pack
The Shoot
Toy Story 3 (Very small part of the game)
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blu3print  +   1412d ago
I recently bought the MOVE controller and Resistance 3, having a ball so far. Every other game/demo I tried MOVE with worked perfectly (don't like the auto move feature in Deadmunds and Dead Space Extraction though)... as soon as I complete Resistance I'm replaying Heavy Rain
SDF Repellent  +   1412d ago
alot of Sony products promises big technological advances but fails to meet the hype. I remembered in the early 90s, when the ipod just came into domination in the MP3 market. I was a big Walkman fan at that time and bought a Sony mp3 walkman NW-HD5 http://digital-lifestyles.i... instead of the iPod. Sony promises better spec, longer batter life and etc. The spec sheet looks good but what doomed the Sony Walkman line is the lack of continuing support for the product. The software was buggy, Sony uses its own encoding music codec and its own music management program was ditched not too long after. I was upset because the $300 I'd spent on a product just became vaperware. That was the last time I had bought a Sony product outside of Playstation.
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yesmynameissumo  +   1412d ago
That has shit to do with anything. Outside of letting me mock you for having to stretch back to Walkman-era. Thanks!
Bathyj  +   1412d ago
The Lady doth protest too much methinks.

Is that why your so bitter? Because of a walkman which was allegedly buggy?

Wow, I knew you haters had to stretch for reasons to be the way you are, but I never suspected it would be so petty.
clearelite  +   1412d ago
the first "ipod" came out in 2001, but that is another story. Your point has some merit, but I think I disagree. If anything hurts their sales it's not their products not living up to the hype, it's Sony failing to always market them correctly and CREATE hype.
We are about to see Sony step up their marketing quite a bit and they just hired some new people to do this
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Noticeably_FAT  +   1412d ago
Most of the Move games they release can also use the standard DS3 controller, so it seems tacked on. Sorcery and games like that are the reason I got one. You don't hear or see much about Move only games and it's a bit disappointing.
r21  +   1412d ago
so far, there are only 3 ps move centric games in development that i know of. sorcery, datura and pixeljunk 4am. there needs to be more :I
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   1412d ago
apparently "pew pew" gun hands did pay off Sony!

Im a Move owner... but it sucks knowing you poked fun a Kinect don't it?

I know there are PS3 games that offer Move support... but TRUE Move only titles aren't currently in existance! I got rid of 1 move/nav already, I might just give up my 2nd set... as Im not blind to the fact that Move is barely floundering...
Redempteur  +   1412d ago
There are TRUE move titles


Anyway having a large set of compatibles games is always better than few device only titles .

A LEAST you have a choice , and even without having the device , you already have several compatible titles .

Go TRy infamous : FoB , it's freaking incredible with move .
GraveLord  +   1412d ago
There isn't a market for Move-exclusive "hardcore" games.
So Sony is sticking to what made the Wii so successful, party and dance games.

I doubt it was ever Sonys intention to release a bunch Move-only games.
Jocosta  +   1412d ago
Because motion controls, ALL motion controls, have jumped the shark, at least for me.
XDF  +   1412d ago
The move is actually pretty good. Used it a few times at a friend's place and it is much better than the Wii IMO but the limited support of stand alone Move titles is just not there. Sure you can use the move with games such as Resistance or Killzone but you don't need it. Sony has to release a game or two that requires the use of the Move attachment and make people excited and want to buy it. Zelda just made me buy the Wii motion plus attachment because it is required.
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teedogg80  +   1412d ago
I remember being so hyped for Move before it came out. When it did come out, I was the first person in line to get it. Now it's just collecting dust.
InTheLab  +   1412d ago
Move is exactly what I wanted from the Wii. Optional....It's there when I want it and not being forced on me like most Wii games. People tend to forget that it's easy for N to do what they do because they've had 6 years to do it and the overwhelming majority of their base consists of casual gamers and the hardcore Wii owners knew what they were getting into when they signed on. Sony, on the other hand, cannot afford to divide it's base by making a ton of casual titles or Move only titles. We've seen what happens to a console when jumps into motion controls feet first. Your base ends up with one major title that should have released in April, a remake, a racer, and a bunch of ports at the end of the year. I'll take optional over that any day.

I'll never understand why so many people complain about the lack of Move specific titles and pretend like all Move optional titles have tacked on support. MAG's Move support may have been an addon but the direct result was the exceptional Move controls seen in Socom 4, which was obviously developed with Move in mind from the start.

I am disappointed that Deadmund's turned out to be a rail shooter and I'm even more disappointed that Sorcery is nowhere to be seen...BUT, that does not mean there's no good Move games. I'm having a blast playing inFamous 2 and it's DLC. I mostly used Move while playing KZ3, Socom 4, and Resistance 3(despite the broken ADS). The launch were decent. And the downloadable titles that feature Move support range from crap to outstanding. I've had a blast with the Sharpshooter and not so much with the generic red gun attachment.

Overall, I've had a good experience with Move. It is surprising that Bioshock will be the only major multiplatform title featuring Move and the lack of Sorcery is a bummer, but that does not take away from the good times I've had with Move.

Lastly, I don't mind Jim's less than positive appraisal of Move's first year. It is his opinion, after all. What I do mind is how he left out the part about the Nav being completely optional. I bought a nav for the sole purpose of using the Sharpshooter. Prior to that, I used the DS3 I already had so I didn't have to spend $30 on a nav unless I chose to. And while we're on the subject of deception, aiming in KZ3 with the Move was easier than with a dualshock, but it came at the expense of less mobility. A fair trade if you ask me.
nondecaf  +   1412d ago
@in sorcery is suppose to have another unveiling this December at a Sony holiday event it was on posted by ign .
NYC_Gamer  +   1412d ago
it will be nothing but an option piece of hardware with no real support....
DiRtY  +   1412d ago
Sony did it again: hardcore software for casual hardware does not work out well.

There is a reason Kinect Sports or Dance Central outsold Killzone and InFamous.
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ArronC07  +   1412d ago
I'd rather just sit down.
Killman  +   1412d ago
And yet the Kinect is never mentioned.
mamotte  +   1411d ago
It's easy: The difference between the Wii and Move, it's that motion controls are the only option avaliable to control the Wii, so developers are forced to use it, because there's no other way to do it. That's one thing that motivates creativity, so the Wii has unique motion control games. Motion control is on since the development of the game. And that make that gameplay unique.

But, the move is just an option. No game is made with the motion controller in mind, so the game has generic controls, and so, the move is underused. When some developer start to think on a "hardcore" game that goes around move (because fanboys will blame other games as casual) then maybe it'll start to have some real use.
Hyperbomb69  +   1411d ago
Im glad PS semi-dropped the whole move shenanigans, PS3 is for real gamers.
gypsygib  +   1411d ago
Sony really dropped the ball on Move. It's shame too because the tech is awesome, they should have got it implemented in every shooter because it was amazing in Killzone 3.
G3org33  +   1411d ago
They dropped the ball alright. Sony should have put dual-shock in the stupid mf's. I'm not buying MOVE until then. Please Sony, put dual-shock into the Move and watch them start flying off the shelves.

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