Jimquisition: Sony, Nintendo, EA, and SOPA

"The Stop Online Piracy Act may sound innocuous, but it's a nasty little proposition that gives corporations uncontested rights to control what you enjoy on the Internet. Naturally, being a horrible thing, EA can't wait to climb aboard, along with a number of other publishers. The Internet shouldn't be censored by cowardly companies who are afraid of it, and The Jimquisition urges you take note of what these organizations want to do."

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360ICE2282d ago

Just wanted to drop by and let everyone know that SOPA is NOT ice. It is in fact more of a warm liquid substance that does not at all taste good, nor makes sense to play hockey on. What I'm trying to say is that SOPA is craaaaazy. Unbelievable that it's even up for discussion, and it's very disappointing that Sony, EA and MS can back this up. Not cool guys, not even lukewarm, I almost burned my hand on this BS.

coolbeans2282d ago

I can certainly agree with that. It amazes me to see how often our rights are being attacked, but the news media ignores it IF it happens to be their side that pushes it.

steve30x2282d ago

What would happen to this website if SOPA is passed?

coolbeans2281d ago

I'm not sure if there would be any reprecussions here because we don't have original videos. It's aimed more towards those sites. It would still affect us in the long run as well since we watch those videos here.