Twinfinite: Catherine's Sexcapades

Ah, Catherine. If there’s one thing which proves that “sex sells”, it’s you. Selling 141,826 units in Japan and 200,000 copies in the U.S. during its first week, Catherine was no failure for Atlus right from the start. But what was the cause for the game's success? Atlus is well-known and and loved, but their most famous games is the Persona series, and Catherine was a new IP treading on unique gameplay that isn't for everyone. Yet, it still managed to break Atlus’ sale records. How did this happen?

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danielle0072433d ago

It was a little bit unethical, I spose.

But.. The ends justify the means. This niche title would have never received the recognition it deserves without those tatas.

Such a great, amazing game. I'm playing through it a second time around :P Bravo to Atlus to taking a chance, and being smart / a smidge evil enough to pull it off.

Reibooi2433d ago

I'm sorry but the "Tatas" As you put it had little to do with the recognition it got.

The well written story centering around mature themes almost never tackled in a game before is was did that.

danielle0072433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

... Maybe recognition was the wrong word. The ATTENTION, rather, from the mainstream audiences. The Persona series has been just as and more critically acclaimed than Catherine (based on Metacritic) and its sales never reached Catherine's.

I'm not playing Catherine for the tatas. I'm playing because I like Vincent and the characters and the story. But the fact of the matter is that the ad campaign showed Catherine being VERY dirty. The pizza ads ring a bell? Lots of dirtyness in most of the trailers? You CAN NOT say that this game was not advertised to basically promise there was going to be some nookie happening.

As the article says, sex sells. Atlus is an amazing developer, I love their games. I'm happy this game is a huge success for them, because it really is fantastic.

Reibooi2433d ago

Personally I think what helped the game sell as well as it did was that ATLUS has been on a role since Persona 3 and each game is getting more and more popular and this was the first true ATLUS game that wasn't on a hand held this gen and folks were quite hyped for it.

Of course something can be said for the advertising campaign you mentioned but then again none of that advertising was main stream(I.e there were no TV commercials and no giant banners on buses and what not. Those ads were aimed at the people who saw them and not at the general public or anything so i don't think the game sold that much more because of it because quite frankly if that was a reason it sold the numbers would have likley be much larger as sad as that is.)

ATLUS's stock is growing and it's pretty easy to see that. Since Persona 3(and before that for old school gamers) ATLUS has been giving gamers stories that are immensely deep and satisfying with that cool Japanese style that very few other games are giving us these days and I personally think that is a very large part of what helped Catherine sell so much.

gametheory2433d ago

That is one of the dumbest comments I have ever read. "Unethical"? Have you ever studied anything related to ethics? What do tits have to do with a lack of ethics? And even worse, you proceed by saying: "But.. The ends justify the means". LOL wow.

danielle0072433d ago

.. Did you read the article? He said it was unethical - I was simply saying I agreed. It did lure in people with the promise of boobies, and there was no nudity whatsoever.

I read the article, made statements based upon said article, and wasn't a dick about it. I'd say I beat your comment.

Hicken2433d ago

Don't agree with the "unethical" bit in the slightest.

And I don't think the "sex sells" bit had much to do with Catherine's success. Yes, it may have contributed to some media coverage, but it's more likely the fact that for the first time in a very long time, an ATLUS game was available on TWO consoles, and ATLUS itself has been gaining in popularity since Persona 3.

After having played Persona 3 and 4, Digital Devil Saga 1 and 2, Nocturne, Strange Journey, Devil Summoner 2, Odin Sphere, and Steambot Chronicles, I was ready to buy anything they made.

All that aside, I think the overwhelming majority of Catherine's sales were due to the game, itself, and not any sexualized perception people had of it.

TheColbertinator2433d ago

Loved Catherine,it was my game of the year.Sorry Skyrim but you just didn't have enough to amaze me like Catherine did.