Is Gamefly Worth The Money

darkstation writes: "GameFly offers games for all major platforms from this generation and last generation, along with a PC beta that allows users to download games according to their subscription service. After nine years GameFly is expanding to meet the needs of its users, but is it worth the monthly subscription?"

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NukaCola2555d ago

not for me. its just too slow on delivery to equal out. I can rent tons of new games at my library for free which is win. I usually buy day one new, or on sale later on.

Skip_Bayless2555d ago

It use to be worth it but now games are getting cheaper on release date. Games are still 59.99 msrp but it is very common to get a game for 49.99 or 39.99 with a $10 or $20 discount, and then you also get free shipping online. So you save money on gas and tax. On Amazon you can get the game on release date too. Then after you get bored of the game after one month, you can sell it back or trade it back for $30.

Gamefly is around $15 a month but you don't get it on release date and sometimes you can't get the game you want. I think when the next generation starts games will stick at $59.99 a lot longer and then Gamefly will be worth it again, but since this generation is almost over the games get discounted quicker making Gamefly no longer such a good deal.

Gamefly store however is a hell of a deal. You get fairly new games for $10-$15.

ABizzel12555d ago

Gamefly is great, but they need to improve their availability and shipping speeds.

And members that been around since forever should receive $5 off codes every month since I believe they expire every 3 months (aka $15 off used or new games).

That would make them a perfect service.

ReservoirDog3162555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

There's a good method you can use to get 3 months of gamefly for $17. It's legit and it honestly works. I've been doing it for 6 months already and it's just a huge* money saver.

And people can complain about the availability of the games but I honestly just got mw3 from them today. It took about a week but all you have to do is keep the only game you want on your Q and the first second it's available, they'll send it to you. And that's gotta be the most requested game on gamefly and I got it for only $17.

If anyone wants to know how, ask me on pm. I honestly just wanna help people out during these hard times.

ECM0NEY2555d ago

I agree its slow, but having 2 game sub bandaids that problem a little.

Tanir2555d ago

it depends really, i canceled gamefly after a year, i beat alot of games with it, far more than if i woulda bought them all, they have a problem with availability thought, they have to fix it, i had saints row 3 on queue when it said available now, and got dbz ultimate tenkaichi instead when that was rated low availability.

again it depends. if its a bunch of short games sure, if ur gonna play a game for over 20-30 hours buy it

Dee_912555d ago

Its always on time for me .. of course the brand new games wont be on your door step day one
Anyway .. its well worth the money imo

wedgie2555d ago

that is one thing i was wondering with the move to online codes for activation, etc. I am sure GameFly is not happy about that.

TheGamingArt2555d ago

After having the service for a year, I can honestly say the answer is no. The time it takes to get a game is ridiculous * and I live near the Tampa station. The recently released games are always on low demand, and you consistently have to change your query listing to ensure you get what you want. It becomes too much of an annoyance in the end.

C_Menz2555d ago

Personally I don't like Gamefly since it forces you to always be playing games. You are paying a certain amount of money per month and for Gamefly to be worth it you need to continually play games to get the next one.

ECM0NEY2555d ago

I take it you dont play MMOs either then?

C_Menz2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

I used to play Dofus and Shattered Galaxy.. But MMO's typically don't interest me because of the grinding.

ECM0NEY2555d ago

I was talking about paying a sub makes you feel like your forced to play a game and most MMOs are P2P.

C_Menz2555d ago

Yea that does factor into me not playing MMOs both I listed have/had a good free to play model which is why I enjoyed them. World of Tanks is another with both free to play and pay to play.

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