Minecon Drama Between Notch & Yogscast - Plus Personal User Experience With Yogcast at the Event

Chris, Gamereuphoria wrote: "So, with this s**tstorm of Notch vs. Yogscast, I thought I would weigh in my own opinion on it, such that it is.

I'm not sure that an "f-bomb" is the sole reason for Notch wanting to not work with them anymore.

Yogscast was invited as a special guest to MineCon and was even given their own panel. What I assumed, and what I believed that Mojang assumed when they invited them to a panel, was that they would speak for an hour (hour and a half?) about their Youtube videos, podcasts and the like. They would talk about their experiences, making videos, how they got so popular, etc. Instead, what we seemed to get was an hour of them showing videos of popular builds done using Minecraft. A whole team was up on stage and it seemed only Simon/Lewis spoke."

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RedSoakedSponge2428d ago

this whole situation feels like a slap in the face. whoever is in the right on this doesnt matter as i will be disappointed with atleast one of them and that makes me sad :(