Mario Kart 7 - Every Track Revealed: Details and Impressions

GameXplain: "We just got Mario Kart 7 in the office and played our way through all 16 of the new tracks. We've put together a comprehensive look at them all below, with as many details as we could remember."

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360ICE2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

ModNation Racers rip-off!
(I'm kidding, cool down)

LettingGo2309d ago

Lol. Nice.

It may not have sold as well, but it has definitely dethroned Mario Kart in my book...and the developer support is almost unheard of!

newsguy2309d ago

mario kart double dash is the best - i dont care what anyone says.

MizTv2309d ago

me want now!!!!!i and love peach

DarkZane2309d ago

Which rainbow road is the one in the retro tracks?