Skyrim Performance Review: It's Definitely a DirectX 9 Game

PC World: Among other things, HardOCP explains that Skyrim's new engine is a lot like Bethesda's old Oblivion engine, except when it's not. The Creation engine technically isn't the Gamebryo engine, but it owes a lot to it in terms of its foundation, which probably explains why it's so reminiscent of Oblivion in terms of the way the landscape, physical structures, and objects interrelate. The game also employs the Havok physics engine (as did Oblivion before it) and offloads physics modeling to the CPU.

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Nerdmaster2400d ago

"there's plenty of headroom for custom-cranking anti-aliasing in your video card's settings."

Or for playing in 3D ;)

awi59512400d ago

Thats not a problem witche 2 is really amazing and its direct x9