What Does Skyrim Mean for Fallout 4?

Ethan Moses gets a ahead of himself a bit and starts helping Bethesda apply the advances in Skyrim to the next Fallout game.

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a_bro2372d ago

"What Does Skyrim Mean for Fallout 4?"

that it wont look like crap.

Reibooi2372d ago

lol that is exactly what I thought when i read the title.

Looking forward to the next Fallout if it will be running on this engine or a better one.

zeeshan2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

I can't wait for Fallout 4. I am a huge Fallout fan! I hope the new Fallout games won't look ugly!

slayorofgods2372d ago

It will need to feel more like a finished product. Fallout 3 was a very interesting concept and fun while it lasted, but in the end you were left with... This is it, and what a crappy ending!?

Skyrim feels much bigger then fallout 3 even if you include all the dlc.

New Vegas was an interesting concept and the world felt less limited, more side quests and factions were a plus. But the story lacked in this one and the intrigue of a nuclear waste got lost. Overall, it felt like a big expansion of a game because nothing really happened that you cared about.

I loved the fallout games, but they are going to have to draw me back into the story with new elements of the nuclear wasteland AND they are going to need to make it feel like a completed game, no more skimping on content for DLC, make the world feel as alive as elder scrolls.

kaveti66162372d ago

" but in the end you were left with... This is it, and what a crappy ending!?"

Try playing the game in such a way where you go off on your own and do side quests for a long while before heading back to the main missions.

You won't feel like the game ends abruptly if you invest hundreds of hours into it.

slayorofgods2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

@ above, In a comparison to other Bethesda games it doesn't have nearly as much content. Don't get me wrong, I loved Fallout 3 and that is why I wanted more.... Overall, I was disappointing in how they handled dlc and felt it should have been part of the game to begin with.

Just look at Morrowind with Blood Moon, or Oblivion with Shivering Islands then compare what Fallout 3 had.

I know I'm being critical, I loved the fallout series..... But Bethesda could have spent more time perfecting it before its release.

BraveToaster2372d ago

No, it means that it will look like a game from 2006 instead of a game from 2005 like Fallout 3 does.

grailly2372d ago

actually, except for animation and characters skyrim doesn't look that much better than fallout. It looks prettier because it's not a grey-brown wasteland but on a technical level it's not that much better.

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rabidpancakeburglar2372d ago

"Here’s an idea: why not aim for Fallout: Indiana?"

Here's an idea: why not aim for Fallout: Somewhere Not In America?

Canary2372d ago

This. One thousand times this.

Let's see some France. Or Egypt. Post-apocalyptic Cairo could be AWESOME.

But it'll never happen.

Anyway, if we're lucky, Bethesda will pawn of Fallout 3 on another developer and stick to Elder Scrolls titles. I don't think I can wait another 9 years for a good TES game. Fallout may be fun, the the whole dead, gray-brown worlds are NOT fun to explore at all. Gotta have me some lush forests, babbling brooks, and roaring waterfalls.

kaveti66162372d ago

I don't want to hear mediocre voice actors trying to do foreign accents.

Motorola2372d ago

I could be wrong, but wasn't America the only place that got nuked in the Fallout story? Obviously since America is a major part of the worldwide economy, other countries would die as well. That doesn't coincide with the name FALLOUT, though.

despair2372d ago

actually without the US economy other countries will prosper more, some will hurt for a while but none will die. But yea not exactly related to Fallout.

rabidpancakeburglar2372d ago

I read some forum posts related to that just there. Some people are saying that places like Europe and the middle east nuked the crap out of each other before the US and China war, so I dunno but even then there would be the effects of radiation.

Voxelman2372d ago

So much of the fallout asthetic and world is tied into 1950/60s america and the paranoia and propaganda of the time I am not sure how well a fallout game set in another part of the world would really work. It just wouldn't be Fallout.

Ascalon942372d ago

I would like Fallout:Louisiana. It has several large rural areas throughout the state and swamps to make for some interesting mutants and creatures. I'm sure it wouldnt look like a giant desert either.

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jthamind2372d ago

being an Indiana resident, i had to lol @ the suggestion.

Silly Mammo2372d ago

That game would be a lot of walking around in very flat geography.

ATi_Elite2372d ago

That Bethesda has made a ton of money so i hope they run out and get a new game engine for fallout 4 and hire more bug testers.

X-Ray Engine, 4A Engine, CryEngine 2 would all be nice.

guitarded772372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

Screw Fallout... go right back to making another Elder Scrolls or give us a new IP. How about a Bethesda RPG set somewhere not blowed the F up. I don't hate Fallout, but the environment is so depressing after clocking in so many hours.

Whoa... 3 disagrees already... More Fallout I say!!! The people have spoken!

ECM0NEY2372d ago

I think both types of enviroments are awesome,

sonicsidewinder2372d ago

It's meant to be depressing, injected with black comedy.

I just don't think the bethesda title did well with the 'black comedy' aspect.

rabidpancakeburglar2372d ago

Haha, I was one of the disagrees but I laughed at the edit so I'll bubble you. Bethesda showed with New Vegas that the area it's set in doesn't have to be totally blown up (although they countered that by setting it in a desert) so it may not be what you consider a depressing environment in the next game.

MysticStrummer2372d ago

I agree. Screw Fallout. I'd rather see an original sci-fi IP from them or another Elder Scrolls game. Actually what I want is an online Elder Scrolls game, not an MMO but a game that has co-op as an option, set in Tamriel... as in all of it. The original Elder Scrolls game let you journey to every province and I'd like to do that again. They could release the game with a few provinces ready to go and then add the others as DLC. I was a Dungeons and Dragons nerd back in the distant past, and the ES series is the closest thing to that in videogame form, at least in my experience. The only thing missing is the ability to explore the world with a friend or three. The Skyrim followers are great, despite their at times braindead AI, but they make me wish even more for some co-op action.

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