Blu-ray Still Pursuing China

A news blurb on Warren Communications News website reports that the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) is continuing to court China with regards to adopting the Blu-ray standard. The BDA is proposing to include China in the current Blu-ray spec, rather than develop a new China-only spec as rival HD DVD has.

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Shadow Flare3827d ago

when Bluray not only beat HD-DVD sales on Black Friday, but increased it's lead over HD-DVD despite Toshiba releasing a $100 HD-DVD player. I mean, i think the consumers have made up their mind

speakthetruth3827d ago

I do have an HD DVD player, but I am realistic.

I think Die Hard really helps Blu-Ray, but also The Jason Bourne movies only help HD DVD in that respect. The Bourne Ultimatum releases December 11, and I have a strong feeling HD DVD is not going down without a fight. Even Sony's CEO said that Blu-Ray could lose or even end up with a stalemate. That said Amazon has a ton of preorders for the Jason Bourne Trilogy and those number will hit the week of Dec.11, but I'm sure Sony, as usual, will have some BOGO sale. I'm not saying that is bad, but its funny to watch what they can resort to.

Truth is, many of the newly sold HD DVD player are probably Gifts, so the HD DVD sales spike will probably show up after This Year.

How many time has Sony declared HD DVD dead? They shouldn't have to do this, I think the consumer will ultimately declare which format is dead with their money.