PC Supremacy? Cthulhu Saves The World Sells 100k+ in 4 Months

DIYGamer: It’s no secret that a lot of indie developers have been turning away from Microsofts Xbox Live Indie Games service as a marketplace for their creations. A cluttered storefront and hundreds of seemingly zero-effort shovelware titles drown out what little quality there is, and Microsoft themselves seem to have made only the very most cursory attempts at promoting the store. While there’s no doubt that there are some genuinely great games on XBLIG, it’s hard to pick out the wheat from the chaff. Zeboyd Games was one of the developers to make the jump from 360 to PC via a Steam publishing deal, and now we know just how successful the transition was.

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Chrono2374d ago

PC gamers appreciate indie games more. This is the correct platform for such games.

Hicken2374d ago

While I'll agree that PC is a better place for indie developers than PS3- or so it is frequently reported- I find it interesting that no mention is made of PS3.

RockmanII72374d ago

I don't think the game was ever released on PS3. I'm curious how he got this on Steam because I thought all Xbox Live Indie Games were all required to use the XNA engine which is owned by Microsoft, does the Steam version use a different engine or am I wrong or what??

Hicken2374d ago

I dunno about this game in particular, as I don't use my PC for gaming at all.

I was meaning more about indie developers, in general, and how they seem to have pretty good experiences with Sony. It just seemed like it was claiming PC supremacy because Microsoft is a jerk company to deal with, disregarding the existence of the PS3.

Somebody2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

Ah.. the XNA toolset...When I first read about it I was excited because it promised smoother development process for Microsoft games between the X-Box and Windows. It promised the ease for users of the toolset to make games for both platforms. A PC games built using the XNA can easily modified to become an X box game, vice versa. I was hoping that XNA would bridge the rift between X Box gamers and PC gamers by making porting games efficiently between the two platforms.

Then years went by and all I ever see is the XNA became an X Box exclusive. I think I've heard ONE X Box-to-PC XNA based game but I forgot what it was (or whether it ever existed). My hopes were shattered.

A toolset that was designed to cater both X Box and Windows games and yet the only "Windows" games that are planned for it are for the Windows Phone 7.