No Skyrim, That's a Bad Skyrim

GamePro - Even though I’m only a little over 10 hours in to Bethesda's amazing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, I’m fairly confident that it’s the biggest, most expansive, and most (I hate to use this word) immersive role-playing game I have ever played on a game console. The depth and variety of the things you can do in Skyrim is made more effective by the stunning production values -- from the art to the music to the overall design of things -- and has left me hopelessly addicted. To the point that my girlfriend may confiscate the PS3 if I don’t start paying less attention to the game and more attention to her.

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MysticStrummer2287d ago

My thoughts exactly. I'm over 100 hours now. 10 hours in is far from "hopelessly addicted".

aGameDeveloper2286d ago

That was my very first thought, as well.

inveni02286d ago

I'm at a mere 40 hours...and the fact that I consider 40 hours "mere" just goes to show how little 10 hours really is.

Playing 10 hours in Skyrim is like playing the first cutscene of any other game.

CrzyFooL2286d ago

Yeah I read the same thing and stopped reading. 70 hours so far here.

ArabianKnight012286d ago

10hrs... haha no sh*t Gazman I put more hrs in than that on release night I was up to the wee hours of the morning. (not that Im proud, just the truth)

Gazman2285d ago

Yep done the same thing

joab7772287d ago

Dude, I feel ya. I'm 40 hours in and haven't left whiterun yet. I just went to high Hrothgar but I'm going back to companion quests. I have left to go do quests but I'm not leaving until I can finish everything I am able to from this city. Its amazing because I work alot and have amazing games sitting on my shelf and I find myself spending hours and hours collecting loot, smugging, enchanting and building potions. I am very happy because I am only a level 20 & everything is leveling just as i want it to, naturally. I have always hated the world leveling around me but it seems tweaked this time. I love that I can destroy many creatures that I couldn't before but many are quite difficult and I do die often if I'm caught off guard or I am trying something new and straying from tried strategy. One complaint is the relative ease with which I have beaten the 5 dragons i have killed as i was hoping for epic long battles but i love the movement and tracking them. I love that if you take ur eyes off them, u will die. And i am hoping that they get harder.

But with the ability to play only 3-5 hrs a day, i don't think ill b playing anything else for the forseable future. I still think biowares storytelling and epic cutscenes would add flare but no one comes close to the depth and breadth of bethesdas ability to create an immersive open world RPG in whichu can mold ur character in any way u see fit. Thanks guys