Need for Speed: The Run Review (C&G Magazine)

Brendan Frye writes: "If you have ever wanted to jump behind the wheel of an expensive car, drive cross-country, and race against the best drivers in the world for a shot at millions, then on paper Need for Speed: The Run sounds like the perfect game for you. Regrettably, this is not the case. The game feels horribly inconsistent, and the overall racing experience suffers from it. There are some great set-piece moments, but these are too few and far between. Combine that with a lackluster story, bad driving control, and limited multiplayer, and the overall package feels rushed."

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lzim2312d ago

No one is going to argue that it is inconsistent and that it was rushed (to multiple platforms), but there's no way that this game deserves only a 65%.

To CGMonthly, 'Go play it again and come back and tell us what you honestly think'.