Introducing the “GameGadget”: Smart New Product, or Cash Grab?

WouldYouKindly's Justin Heeren provides his thoughts on the upcoming release of the "GameGadget." Many questions are asked: Do we need something like this? Could it be a good source of revenue for developers? Would something like having legitimate copies of retro games be appealing enough to sway people from emulation?

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farhad2k82403d ago

iPhone gaming is big competition right now.
And with the PS VITA only months away from release, I doubt that this will have a chance in the real world.

NEW-AGE2403d ago

Next Month ill have a Vita, can anybody tell me if my japanese Vita from Play-Asia will come with a charger thats compatible with california?

pseudopseudo2402d ago

@farhad2k8: See, something like this isn't exactly going after the same demographic that the Vita is catering to. People who are interested in this aren't necessarily looking for a new experience; just a super-easy way to relive older games.

Someone who wants to play portable retro games, but doesn't want to buy an expensive piece of tech like the Vita (not to mention the headache that is installing CFW to run emulators) would jump on something like this in a heartbeat.

Do I think it'll sell? Probably not. Still interesting that someone's attempting, though.

farhad2k82402d ago

I have the same view as you to be honest, but all I'm saying is that this would have actually had a chance if there was no iPhone gaming and no PS VITA.

But let's see what happens, I don't know the future. :')