Is Zelda: Skyward Sword The Best Zelda Ever?

GamerFitNation's Gregory Laporte gives his opinion on whether or not Zelda:Skyward Sword is the best Zelda Ever. "Recently gamers were treated to what many reviewers are calling the greatest legend of Zelda since Ocarina of Time. Now this is a big claim as Ocarina of Time was a masterpiece title that has sparked great imagination and creativity in the industry. We debate on this hot topic."

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Kur02430d ago

Not even close, I've beaten the game and although it is better than Twilight Princess it doesn't touch Wind Waker or OoT.

Clarence2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

I agree. I've played every Zelda on console and I would have to say Ocarina of Time, was really amazing. To be able to ride in the open field made me feel like I was truly on a quest to save Zelda.

I also really enjoyed Wind Waker because the change of environment, and the cel shading graphics. I also like that Zelda was a pirate in the game.

I really had to force myself to beat Twilight Princess.

Zelda games need a major overhaul. I think games like Demons Souls, Fallout 3, Skyrim, and Mass Effect have spoiled me. I hope Ni No Kuni will bring back that nostalgic feeling I use to have when I played jrpgs.

rexbolt2430d ago

srry i just started playing it and irs already better then tp and to me tp was better then oot

Shackdaddy8362429d ago

Nah. It beats WW for me and ties or at least gets really close to OoT.

Pozzle2428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

If it's better than Twilight Princess, that's good enough for me. :)

I'm not saying TP was a bad game, but it seemed to be lacking the...charm? that the other LoZ games have.

But then, Majora's Mask is my favorite LoZ game, so maybe I'm just weird. lol

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WhiteLightning2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

Not really, I felt like Twilight Princess and Wind Waker had a lot more to do then the same boring structure that SS has. Nearly every side mission in between dungeons are "go fetch me this" quests....I don't know it just feels dead most of the time. Sorry to say but I've enjoyed past Zeldas way more

...but since it's Zelda, it would of gotten a good review regardless. Lets be honest the gameplay is the last thing reviewers base their scores off, the first thing is the franchises name.

I have a funny feeling now that I've been honest and stated my honest reasons in a mature manner, I'll still get the "hater" thing because in todays gaming world..."Nobody can diss Zelda". I think in my personal opinion that Zelda SS is the weakest game in the Game of the Year picklist yet because it's Zelda everyone is just following the leader and saying it's good

Mykky2430d ago

I think you are wrong with the everyone follows the leader stuff, because I thought the leading line is that Zelda does not do anything new and gets Good reviews because of the name.
Even though I have a different opinion I still accept your opinion because you are stating it in a serious way instead of saying silly stuff. Bubbles for you! :)

lastdual2430d ago

Nothing wrong with stating your opinion, but accusing all other reviewers of basing their scores off franchise recognition rather than gameplay...

You're basically saying "my opinion is honest and everyone else is being disingenuous". Is it so hard to believe that some of those reviewers might actually enjoy the gameplay more than you do?

There's a difference between stating your own opinion and projecting false intentions onto those who happen to disagree.

WhiteLightning2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

"but accusing all other reviewers of basing their scores off franchise recognition rather than gameplay..."

Basicaly in some sense, if thats how you want to look at it, despite making my post look negative.

It's could be true, the gameplay is the last thing they would probably look at to review. It's more like "'s Zelda, not as good as the others but I don't want to be flamed to death, I mean look at that Eurogamer review for Uncharted 3...jeez, well I guess other reviewers will do the same....10/10".

Look at it this way if Skyrim had the same go fetch this quest and the same kind of dungeons and lifeless wouldn't be getting 10/10s would know what I'm trying to get at.

I mean look at Eurogamers 8/10 Uncharted review, do reviewers really want to get into sh*t and bashed to death because even though their opinion on the game is negative BUT truthful (to them) it's not what the fanboys want to hear causing a massive up roar like the 8/10 Gears 3, Uncharted and Batman reviews. If people get upset over them then reviewers aren't going to take the chance giving a game like Zelda a lower score then the past games are they.

Bottom line is we just don't know...but to say not one big reviewer do this is silly

SephirothX212430d ago

I think what's also stale besides the Zelda formula, is the fact that people think they're great saying that older iterations of a franchise were better just because they're older. That's just immaturity.

Yodagamer2430d ago

hmm, its all based on opinion, because of the differences between each zelda so it wildly different for each person, for me so far its still wind waker as my favorite, but maybe that will change when i get skyward sword

ElDorado2430d ago

Where is the love for the old school Ocarina of Time with the mindblowing soundtrack?

rfowler302430d ago

agreed, love oot soundtrack just as much as you. god i love geurdo valley soundtrack, could listen to that all day.

SolidSystem2430d ago

nah. I think it might be the best zelda game simply because its built on the backs of its predocessors, looking at how far its come from the games before it, makes it clear relativly speaking its not.

its like MW3 is the best call of duty, but MW1 is still the crown gem in my opinion because it was the one that stood out. at the time it was amazing. SS is good for its time, not amazing.

nothing against the game, its fun and good. but not the same as when i first popped in OoT.

colonel1792430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

That's exactly what I was thinking. Since it still is built from the ideas of the predecessor it can't truly be the greatest.

I think that they have the chance to truly innovate the franchise with the Wii U, since it will be the first time a Zelda franchise will be in HD with much more polygon count and technical power. They might not give Link a voice ever, but with the power of the Wii U (even if it's not more that the PS3 or 360) there is a chance that they could make a completely different game. Maybe more cinematic, or with much bigger world, with much more people, side quests, etc.

I for one, would like a cinematic experience, kind of what they are trying to make with Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Make it more of an RPG but keep the action. Have epic bosses and a better story (more depth that just Zelda needs to be rescued). Return to have Zelda in a big castle, with Epona, forests, epic landscapes, more cities/towns, etc

It think all of these can be done in the Wii U, and just judging by the shot tech demo shown at E3, they are in the right track (ideas wise).

SolidSystem2430d ago

your opinion seems pretty well thought out. how in the world are you stuck with 3 bubbles?

I'm just glad others see where I'm coming from.
while its mechanically the best... I dont think that automatically makes it the best zelda title.

OoT for me personally. its where all these new ideas came to light, and everything was fresh and new again. the gameplay is solid and I never felt like link would do anything I wouldnt want him to do.

its the best zelda game for those reasons. SS is a better game by far, graphics, sound, etc. but its just a newer version of what was done before. just like MW3.

SS isnt bad, its just not the crown jewel.

cpayne932430d ago

What I don't understand is how some people manage to get more bubbles so quickly. I saw one guy on here with only 30 comments yet five bubbles, and the dude was a troll. Said anyone who plays any rpgs is a faggot. How did he manage to get those bubbles? Do some people make duplicate accounts to vote themselves up?

Sorry to go off topic. Personally, I would like Zelda to incorporate more rpg features into the game like you said. I'm not sure whether I would want Link to talk though, he might lose that relatable vibe.

rexbolt2429d ago

ur logic makes no sence so your saying zelda ones the best cus its the first um ok

SolidSystem2429d ago

Yes, because it had the newest and freshest ideas its better than a game that simply polishes things the other games have done already.

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