Roper: 'We hoped WoW would sell a million'

No one at Blizzard ever expected World of Warcraft to become the phenomenon it has, according to Bill Roper.

"I remember a meeting at Blizzard where we were hoping we'd be able to sell a million copies of the game", Roper, former Blizzard North employee and now Flagship Studios CEO, has told CVG in an interview.

"You have to remember," Roper continued, "that the most successful American MMORPG at that time was EverQuest with about 500,000 players. It would have been impossible to predict that World of Warcraft would take off as a cultural phenomenon as it did, but those are the kind of surprises that you like to get in life."

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iceice1233912d ago

Anyone who played on day one knew that. Their servers were so bad, just couldn't handle it. Then there was the ques...which are back again now that it is around Christmas.

Saint Sony3911d ago

Ques are back?.. shiit. I remember the feeling when after smooth beta the retail started. Getting online sometimes took almost 1hour+ in que...and if servers went down for some odd reason (they more than often did).. you had to wait the same time again. It was reeeeeally annoying, but totally worth the time ;)

MMORPG that wants to wipe tables with WoW needs to be something really cool/new/incredible and most of all, at least as addictive as WoW.