GamaGanda - Forecasting PS Vita Launch Sales

Some say PS Vita is a bit late to the table and considering the competition they could be right. Others are saying the market for dedicated gaming handhelds is dying. This is why, across this piece, GamaGanda looks back to the NDS and PSP user bases, analyzes the 3DS sales, identifies Sony's unique selling point for the PS Vita and finally tries to forecast the initial sales for the new handheld that's about to launch. As a last tidbit, GamaGanda forecasts the earliest possible PS4 launch window.

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golsilva2346d ago

good article, I agree since psv is launching in 2012 (NA and EU) theres no way ps4 will launch in the same year or even the next year. one of the problems with the psp was that sony took too many resources out of supporting psp to help launch the ps3. so they need at least 1 full year of support as the new playstation product before they even announce a ps4

BitbyDeath2345d ago

Isn't the Vita releasing in early 2012?
Plenty of time to release PS4 late 2012 or even early 2013.

metsgaming2345d ago

if the ps4 was coming out in 2012 they would have announced it already. They may announce at e3 or gamescom and then it will come out sometime in 2013 most likely late 2013. That is if they announce it next year. I dont think they would announce it and have it come out a few months after, its too short.

miyamoto2344d ago

dude, I still haven't had enuff of my PS3

PS VITA will be next

metsgaming2345d ago

they say vita has nothing revolutionary hardware wise, yea because dual analog sticks are nothing new to a handheld, neither is a back touchpad. /s Worst part is right after saying this they mention the dual sticks wow.

supremacy2345d ago

Well the thing that sets the vita apart from the 3DS for me are marketless AR, which unlike traditional AR doesnt require much to be use,thats innovative.

Also and perhaps most importantly is psn, this is something that the 3DS lacks and brings about trophies and access to rich multiplayer in addition cross platform and cloud based gaming? Thats... for a dedicated handheld is innovative.

Backtouch is innovative, I mean the second screen on the 3DS is also touch in comparrison. However the backtouch on the vita features like pull, pitch, grab ect. Every feature on the vita is just more advance which brings forth innovation on its own right.

The 3DS features glassless 3D, which while cool, isnt that original. Also being that certain smartphone handsets feature the tech at a much superior implemintation.

So...if by the vita featuring twin sticks isnt innovative due to consoles already featuring them? Then by this guys standards neither is the 3DS featuring 3D that is already and can still be found on smartphone handsets like on certain tvs. Plain and simple, what is it with these articles and the double standards?

Spitting numbers is one thing, but to say one thing isnt innovation because it features somethings another device does while ignoring that same sentiment for the device being compared to is just premature and questions the integraty of this number riddled article.

Just saying...

4lc4pon32345d ago

I am super excited for the Vita as well as the Wii U. I cannot wait to spend my money on them cause honestly to me I love handhelds since I am always on the road

h0stile2344d ago

First of all, thanks to all of you for taking the time to read this long piece. I'd like to clarify a few things, since I feel that some of you might have misunderstood me.

I don't intend to compare handhelds to smartphones. Of course, smartphone sales have impacted handheld sales the same way as tablet sales have impacted laptop/netbook sales, BUT there is quite a difference between them, as they target different customers and offer different experiences. Comparing them would be like comparing airplanes to automobiles. They both transport people, but they are very different in how they do it and their target customers are different. This is why, comparing handhelds to smartphones or even tablets (as entertainment providers) is a forced comparison and not entirely fair. Playing Angry Birds and then Friut Ninja and then Cut the Rope and then many other such games on your iPhone versus playing Uncharted on PS Vita is like having meaningless sex versus a stable relationship where the inner gamer commits to a long-term, fruitful experience :)

Then, I'd like to explain a bit this innovation dilemma. I have given examples like the click wheel or the touchscreen, innovations that have disrupted the user experience over time (the mouse also did that back in its day). Mixing all these in a product is NOT the same kind of innovation. They say there two kinds of innovations, evolutionary and revolutionary innovations. The PS Vita might be an evolutionary innovation in terms of features mix, but it is not a revolutionary innovation. I had to specify this because in my article I compared it with revolutionary products (and I did that to prove a point).
The 3DS has the potential to be a revolutionary product due to its 3D screen as it is the first successful use of such a screen in a handheld. Of course, it depends on the software side to enhance this proposition. If this will not happen, this edge the 3DS has will be lost. Compared to it, the PS Vita has no such revolutionary edge. The dual sticks is a constant in the console gaming market for quite some time now. It was expected to see it on handhelds sometime and that time has come. Nothing revolutionary here as it does not change the user experience. It just moves it from the sofa to your pocket.

Don't get me worng. I don't intend to bash the PS Vita. I just try to see it objectively for what it is, not for what Sony's marketing is telling us what it is (or for what I wish it will be). In the end, each of us is entitled to believe everything he/she wants, but when you accuse someone at least make sure you understand his/her point of view (and if you think you don't, just ask).

2344d ago