Dan Houser On How Rockstar Does It

Gamasutra: Rockstar Games co-founder and vice president of creative Dan Houser doesn't spend a lot of time on the interview circuit, and you'll almost never find him on a panel of industry experts. Instead, he prefers to let the company's work do the talking.

In this rare interview, Houser outlines how the company makes its decisions -- from booting Max Payne into the future to deciding not to give players much of a window into its games prior to their release. He also discusses lessons learned from Red Dead Redemption and the creative bible for the Grand Theft Auto series.

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Trainz2283d ago

Rockstar and besthesda are the best developers out there.

MultiConsoleGamer2283d ago

Yeah I'm a huge fan of Rockstar.

buddymagoo2283d ago

Too many great developers out there to just name two.

BiggCMan2283d ago

Yea that's why Bethesda always release games with countless amounts of errors, bugs, glitches etc.. They make great games, but just really need to work on their testing skills, there is too many problems with every single one of their games.

SephirothX212283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

Rockstar, Bethesda, Naughty Dog, Kojima Productions, Media Molecule, Epic and Bioware all have great records and are my favourite developers. From Software and Rocksteady studios are also excellent but they've to make more games first.

2283d ago
Venjense2283d ago

"We have never really been annualizers....With any property or new property, it takes as long as it takes.....there is only room for stuff of the highest quality on the consoles. "

^^This is why every Rockstar game I played this gen was an experience like nothing else.

gypsygib2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

"Am I an artist or the equivalent of someone who makes KFC Value Meals?" it doesn't lead to success. So we just do what we do."

Lol, this guy doesn't know how smart and relevant GTA games are; GTA games are probably the best parodies of American culture out there. Parody probably isn't even totally accurate, more like exaggerate reality.

Popular shows such as Jersey shore and the like are KFC value meals. GTA, as paradoxical as it sounds - is a dose of reality. Thing is, popular western cultural values are often now so inane and ridiculous that any realistic view of it looks like a joke.

Sugreev20012283d ago

I love this company because they make the games on their own terms.They never go by the release schedule,which they share with Valve.Almost every game they've made come with a rich world to explore in.Whether it's a game like Red Dead Redemption,where there is nary a dull level,and Bully,where you start knowing everyone you meet by their name.Their writing is always top-notch too,with sarcastic remarks on the state of things.