TGV Review: Guardian Heroes

The Gaming Vault: You know those shopping programs that clog the airways in the morning before the channel starts up properly? You know the ones, where the products are billed as being high quality at a low, low price, “But wait, there’s more!”, “Order now and you’ll get…” type things? Guardian Heroes is the gaming equivalent of those.

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Sidology2401d ago

Part of me hates this trend of HD remakes.

The other part of me?

Loves it for reasons just like this.

Stealth2k2401d ago

this isnt a brand new game. Thats why hd remakesw are terrible

Ulf2401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

News post error:

The article score is 9/10, not 10/10. Should have been caught before approval...

2401d ago
Fullmetalevolust2401d ago

Hurry up and bring it to the PSN!
I already play it on my Saturn, but that's besides the point! lol. This game needs more exposure for the real gem it truly is.