Woman Attempts to Sell Her Modern Warfare 3 Obsessed Husband on Craigslist

A woman in Utah puts her gamer husband up for sale on Craigslist as "a joke."

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Pikajew2309d ago

Its sad really. The husband is not playing better games.

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demetre722308d ago

@pikajew the only sad thing is your comments =(

Ares84HU2308d ago


You are a very wrong my friend. You contradict yourself by giving sales numbers than stating that you don't care about sales numbers. You bend your argument the way it needs to be so that YOU think you come out on top in the argument. It became very clear that you are a MW3 fanboy who can't take a single joke an loses his cool in an instant. Furthermore by you blaming BF3 "fanboyism" for this is just outrageous. There are people who don't like either BF3 nor MW3...and there are people who like both. Has it occurred to you that Pikajew might hate FPS in general?? Clearly not. You sir, should stop talking about fanboyism.

fear882308d ago

If he was obsessed about Shadow of the Colossus he would have been auctioned and she would have got a better return on the value.

ATi_Elite2308d ago

I saw this on one of those 24hr news channels and the wife is pretty good looking. During the whole interview the husband was playing MW3.

She was really upset that he just disappeared for 3 days after MW3 release and that he pays her no attention anymore cause he's addicted to the Xbox 360.

Dude is a loser. Your wife is hot and dude is not. She's been trying to sell him on Craigslist but i'm sure it's just a cover so she can meet a new guy who wants to "get into her" and not video games.

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lorianguy2309d ago

She's just angry he didn't give her a turn.

SlaughterMeister2309d ago

"Someone could take this kind of ad seriously."

Yeah, and then the person doing the "selling" could *gasp* NOT SELL HER HUSBAND.

Who gives a damn if some moron takes the ad seriously? That's their own problem that they're so effing stupid they couldn't understand the joke.

MadMax2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

Thats pretty funny, but at the same time if this was a man putting up his wife on craigslist people would be all over his ass! Including the law! The double standard still exists unfortunately.

If i was him, i would retaliate by putting up his bitchy wife on craigslist and perhaps say something like... will trade bitchy wife for a nice newer model. Guy was in the middle east at war for Gods sake. Give the poor dude a frikin break! What a bitch!

Fylus2309d ago

My father recently got back from Kuwait with his military contract finally ended. First thing my mother does to greet him is divorce him for "not supporting our family". He was supporting the entire country for Christ's sake!

Women truly are bitches.

solidboss2309d ago

i say this with all intended respect but your moms a bitch...sorry but just as you said the man came home from serving the country and she divorces him for not supporting his family? wow...

Fylus2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

I've never gotten along with her so I am in no way offended. And it isn't just me, I have plenty of military buddies whoms significant others left them while they were over seas.

I don't mean to seem sexist, but from my experiences, "women" is a perfect example of turncoat.

danielle0072308d ago

"That's pretty funny"

And then you go on to be super mean spirited towards her. She did it as a joke, she wasn't actually going to trade her husband for skittles or anyone/thing else. Yes, he was in the Middle East, and he deserves our respect. No, that doesn't mean his sense of humor has completely vanished. If you read the original article, he found it funny and didn't take offense at all. Because they're married. They love each other. You are not in their marriage. You don't know how they act together.

MadMax2308d ago

And you are in their marriage? You have no idea what they do or how they act together! By the sounds of it, joking or not, anyone that would go as far to take the time to put their husband up on craigslist for sale because of a videogame obviously is trying to tell them something!

Im sure it was just a joke, but i guarantee the dude was probably a little hurt by it. Once again, if this was done to a woman no one would be laughing. I could care less myself, because it is kinda funny. Doesnt mean the woman still isnt a bitch for doing it!

Ive seen women do far worse things these days to a man. Im simply stating a fact and making an observation from a stand point of view! Lighten up!

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