Gametactics Reviews Nuclear Dawn

Nuclear Dawn’s most obvious departure from other games in this genre is the marriage of real-time strategy and first-person-shooter gameplay modes. This partnership allows players to focus more on tactics than arguing over which map they prefer playing. Players are taken on a well-rounded tour of the battlefield with the ability to not only serve as a soldier but to also command troops. Unfortunately, the innovation falls flat after that, cutting off prematurely and creating a sense of unfinished potential. This is only exacerbated by the fact that there are still many bugs. Perhaps the most detrimental of all, though, is the lack of a single-player campaign mode. The multiplayer, while fun and challenging if you pair up with competent players, is only as good as who’s playing, and if anyone is playing. Disconnecting from a game due to bugs, attempting to sign back on and not finding any lobbies can be frustrating for even the most patient of gamers.

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