Hot Time for Wii as Gamemakers take Cold Shower, Says Analyst

International Business Times - Friday, Nov 30, 2007:

While Nintendo's hot selling Wii game console has been making headlines and new video game fans, shortages of the console mean third-party developers are getting a smaller piece of the gaming revenue pie, says Kaufman Bros. analyst Todd Mitchell.

"The success of the Wii has only benefited Nintendo," Mitchell wrote in a note to clients. "Third-party developers have seen isolated successes on the platform, but Nintendo has dominated software sales, and will continue to do so through the holidays."

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ItsDubC3831d ago

He almost makes it seem like it's Nintendo's fault that 3rd-parties can't make and sell high-quality Wii games. Nintendo has given 3rd-parties the installbase they need to sell software, so now it's up to those 3rd-parties to create appealing games for consumers just as Nintendo's software development side has done.

Nintendo makes some great titles and 3rd-parties need to step up their game to compete because Nintendo is not going to lower its standards for them.

Skerj3831d ago

I still think the games I'm interested in most on the Wii are like niche titles outside of Nights. Somehow I don't see No More Heroes being a blockbuster sales hit considering Suda 51's history, even though he has a rabid fanbase with myself being one of them. The game is going to rock though so screw sales, I just want to play it. Really though, make good games and put the word out to the people. You can't go off making Anubis 2 and expecting everyone to jump on it since it's on the Wii.

PS360WII3831d ago

Yes agreed with you guys. Nintendo should not have to lower their standards so 3rd parties don't have to put the time and effort to make compelling games.

No More Heros won't be a blockbuster but I know I'm buying it ^^

But yea the install base is there for the picking they just need to not make games like Anubis 2.

escobahr3831d ago

nintendo has provided a subpar system with gimmicky controls, and its hard for developers to produce anything other than subpar lastgen shovelware.

so why is nintendo producing you ask? easy....they do what theyve always done rely on the same first party titles they have for the last 25 years, because in general nintendo fans are drooling idiots who would buy a workout pad if it had link or mario in it. this is why third partys cant make money with nintendo products....they dont own the ip the Wii-droolers crave.

ItsDubC3831d ago

Congratulations on stinking up a perfectly meaningful and mature discussion with name-calling and opinion masquerading as fact.

ShadoWulf3831d ago

Excuse me? Drooling idiots? Who's the one throwing names around and then burying their head back in the sand? Get outside your little box and think about other people's opinions for once! Mine is that you're unaware of the real process of gamemaking. ANYONE can make a good game on ANY console. They just have to have time, patience, persistence, skill, focus and dedication! /That is what Nintendo has!/ That is why they are the only ones making good games on their console, save a few 3rd party gems (No More Heroes, Battalion Wars, Trauma Center, etc).

CadDad3831d ago

....and I'll buy it. Pretty simple concept.


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