Top 10 Hollywood Actresses We Wish Would Voice Act More Video Games

This is a list of the top 10 Hollywood actresses that GameZone's Andrew Clouther would like to hear voice more video games. Besides one person on the list, all of these actresses have had a part in some video game.

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DarkBlade46582402d ago

Good list, but I don't want Milla Jovovich anywhere near my video games. Her ruining Resident Evil was enough for me.

DemonStration2402d ago

Damn you manic pixie dream girls!

wita2402d ago

I didn't know Yvonne voiced Aya.

Inception2402d ago

She is and it's pretty good, specially when she's moaning. lol, SE and they fan service XD

TheSanchezDavid2402d ago

That first broad is pretty attractive. Also, oh em gee Olivia Wilde! Growl!

Lavalamp2402d ago

I want more Danielle Judovits!

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