New PSN Game - PixelJunk Monsters (with images)

A new PSN game has been revealed and is the second entry in the PixelJunk series from Dylan Cuthbert's Q-Games. The game will be released next Thursday 6th December. Follow the jump for new images of the game.

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Skerj3951d ago

It's an RTS I think, I'm so buying this. They should have brought this out instead of Pixel Junk Racers, even though that game is kind of entertaining it should be like 2.99.

Skerj3951d ago

Is it? I only played the demo and it was fun for like 10 mins but outside of that it didn't really pull me in. I guess it would be more fun online.

Darkiewonder3951d ago

PixelJunk Racer is old school in HD.

Anyways, Monster looks very interesting. So I guess Japan will be getting this?

Hope it'll make it's way to NA!