Modern Warfare 3: Unlimited Stealth Bomber Glitch For PC & Xbox 360 After Patch 1.04?

Pinoytutorial: Despite Infinity Ward's release of Patch 1.04, some players are still able to exploit that Infinite / Unlimited Stealth Bomber glitch ruining the experience of other gamers on Modern Warfare 3.

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3GenGames2428d ago

A programmers worst nightmare.....breaking a piece of code you haven't touched!

fooxy2428d ago

Hahah ! Good one, pretty pathetic in my opinion, they work with this engine since 2003 making copy paste game from 2007 and yet they cant beat glitchers

papashango2428d ago

And the ppl here at n4g were giving bf3 and dice a truckload of crap because of beta bugs.

How ya doing gamebreaking retail exploit

StanLee2428d ago

It's the same glitches present in every Modern Warfare game, same exploits. It shows the level of laziness. These exploits aren't new.

insomnium22428d ago

Stealth bombers are as sure as hell flying all the time. Be sure to report players who cheat. I've done it like 4 times already.

FlameBaitGod2428d ago

and they actually get a letter(on pc that is). Steam sends them a msg and suspends their acc

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2428d ago

I've played for over a days worth so far it says. I've yet to see 1 glitch. Playing 360 version.

JeffGUNZ2427d ago

Same here. It's only the people who hate call of duty, who never played MW3, complain about a glitch that has never happened to them. Welcome to n4g.


Like i said before every cod has a glitch before and after a patch!!

Cerberus292423d ago

You would think they learned their lesson with the infinite killstreak glitches.

On a side note, did anyone notice in the first video how shitty the guy was trying to quickscope? Such a cheap "tactic"