Activision Takes Down YouTuber’s Videos to Make You Pay for Them in Elite?

MP1st - Activision forces YouTuber to take down his videos.

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john22348d ago

I'm a big fan of XboxAhoy's videos; he's a great producer

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Tanir2348d ago

activision sucks, so does their game.

crxss2348d ago Show
kreate2348d ago

who is crxss attacking?
cuz he's not attacking bobby kotick.

buddymagoo2348d ago

Seeing as Elite isn't fully working at the moment, this is even more of a joke. You can't even link your Youtube account at the moment.

MaxXAttaxX2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

How was that a "personal attack" by crXss?
lol N4G

Micro_Sony2348d ago

LMFAO! - CRxSS got flagged for personally attacking Bobby Kotic.


JsonHenry2348d ago

Poor crXss, n4g is really starting to show a decline in overall user satisfaction as well as a lack of moderators doing their jobs competently. Lol, I gave you bubs dude. You didn't personal attack anyone on this site. And if hating on Kotick is a problem for n4g to censor you then half of all articles posted on this site would never have a user comment.

vortis2348d ago


I gave you bubs, too, because it's stupid to be censored for saying anything negative about that douche bag Kotick. Him and Hirschbirg don't even care about video games, they just want money. The level where Soap dies in MW3 is pretty much like the img below.

SilentNegotiator2348d ago

They're just doing some testing for Congress' latest "anti-piracy" bill. If it passes, they'll be doing worse than getting Youtube vids taken down.

burgerman2348d ago

On a Zelda article I commented saying I got through two dungeons and the problems I had with the game. The comment was REMOVED.

NarooN2347d ago

Of course he loses a bubble for that. That's why I barely come to this piece of shit site anymore, this site hands down has the dumbest commenting system ever.

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benleescott2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

I wouldn't mind, but they have a f****** nerve considering they shipped an unfinished service (ELITE) and that they wouldn't have known about his content had it not been for YouTube.

HD_GAMER19892348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

I got one question who in the F needs a weapons guide in mw lol 1. you equip the gun that looks coolest 2. point and shoot at anything that moves. and if by chance you have troubles no guide on this earth will help you cause you were dropped on your head when u were a baby. But ms will prescribe you with a dose of kinectamals. Making a guide for killzone 3 is wourthy Of a guide ESP if your like me and you thought the infiltrator class was a pesky glitch lol for maybe alittle too long.

But seriously this is hardly anything to care about if you really need help with the nubiest fps of 2011 a video guide being taken off YouTube is the least of your worries.

farhad2k82348d ago

Huh? You don't have to pay to view those videos?!
I have the FREE version of ELITE, and I can view them easily by going on the 'Improve' tab?

Honestly? This site didn't do a little research before releasing such a damaging & false article?

Criminal2348d ago

You have to be a premium member to view the videos. We did try to watch them through a regular account and couldn't do it.

Oschino19072347d ago

@criminal - that's because the service has been so overloaded that some services aren't turned on or are first come first serve for premium members while free has to wait for room on servers to get acess.

farhad2k82347d ago

I don't understand why I got so many disagrees? Honestly, I have the free version, and simply by clicking on the improve tab, I was viewing many different videos by XBOXAHOY.

Also, there are Black Ops weapon guide, it was done by a British voice, but then again I am from the UK.
The guides were actually quiet nice.

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MultiConsoleGamer2348d ago

Activision paving the way to their own downfall.

Pride goes before the fall.

ShadowKingx2348d ago

exactly. im sorry this money milking is bullshit. keep it up and you will end up lik e alphine access is right now. everyone call you bitching at you

Heartnet2348d ago

He agreeded to do them for Activision and probz signed a contract saying (or equvilent) saying such..

bit of a slap in the face to Activision if he just goes and puts the guide (albeit shorteneed version) on Youtube. And activision arnt gonna take that BS from him and nor should they :)

beavis4play2347d ago

remember all the complaining about BO? and now, look at the sales figures for long as the millions of sheep keep buying, (and they will) activision will be in control of the situation.

HSx92348d ago

Unfortunately their main idiot base which consists of the 80% of COD players don't care what happens to others and continue to pay and play their overmilked game.

WhiteLightning2348d ago

and because of that idiot base of 80% COD players....other real gamers who know what a good game is suffer because other developers try and mimic CODs success dumbing down their own games

Iroquois_Pliskin2348d ago

I hate call of duty because it overshadow other great games. I have some spanish friends who called me gay because i was playing Bad Company 2 instead of the all glorious MW2... joke i know.

antz11042348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

So I dont get WhiteLightning,

Lol, are you seriously blaming CoD fans because other developers try to copy success (I said success, thats all, not talent mind you) and fail out? Wow, N4G logic at its finest ;D


They will continue to play it, and you will continue to complain. Bad press is still press and you're helping it sell copies.

Saladfax2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )


It's not that much of an intuitive leap. Investors and producers (yes, they're very important in the development food chain) see a game which makes a gigantic pile of money.

Like every other market in existence, if something's making money, people will copy it to try and grab a slice of the same audience. Any product, any piece of entertainment has this facet to it.

Why do you think All Points Bulletin lost about 99.7 million dollars? They say, "Hey look, MMOs are profitable," then get stuck in development hell while middle management receives instructions from producers and investors to make it have the profitability factor of WoW. Of course the game ends up sucking because it was never made to appeal to audiences, it was made only to make money.

What about Brink? You think the goal of the dev *wasn't* to try and usher in a new fad for multiplayer shooting? It might have its difference, but if you think CoD didn't have heavy influences, you're deluding yourself.

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Jobesy2348d ago

Apparently your guys' blind hate is preventing you from reading. Machinima removed the videos at the request of xboxahoy, at the request of activision. Want to blame someone, blame xboxahoy people. And excuse him if activation made him a job offer. Get a life people.

Fylus2348d ago

Activision literally makes me sick to my stomach.

Oh, and hey, if you don't wanna give them your money to watch those certain YouTube videos, there just so happens to be an app that will allow you to download any YouTube video and watch it on your phone, mp3 player, etc. It's called FREEid YouTube Downloader. I got it off of Amazon's app store I believe.

But yeah, I'm pretty sure things like that app for example are ways of getting around this stupid idea of theirs. I could be wrong, but the app has worked for me brilliantly so far. Oh, and while I'm advertising crap, eat Burger King, drink Coke, and buy crack.

koouunn2348d ago

@Heartnet as much as i would like to disagree with u, u r right and he made a mistake putting them on youtube, he signed the contract and he shouldve known better

Sub4Dis2348d ago

they won't fall. there are way too many complete retards willing to buy their crappy products (blizzard excluded).

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Cosmit2348d ago

This is absolutely pathetic greed. This whole thing there making him do is going to ruin his youtube channel. Not everyone is going to have CoD elite to watch the Premium Videos. And not everyone will.

grahf2348d ago

I don't get it... the guy makes amazing videos, Activision recognizes this, signs him to a contract for HIM to make money, and Activision will probably get him a production staff to make even better videos... and you all are calling Activision greedy?

XboxAhoy, you sir, are the greedy one... turning your hobby into a full blow business endeavour... FOR SHAME! Next, you'll tell me Epic Meal Time is endorsed by Netflix and has commercials in the middle of their videos...


Settle down folks. Be happy for the guy, he does great work, and it will probably only get better.

Don't worry, I'll let you all know...