Fable 3: The most boring game I've sunk 25 hours into

Fable 3 is a prime example of when developers get lazy. It makes no effort to warn you of a significant event toward the end of the game (forcing you into a situation you might not have wanted), has too few entertaining side-quests, and punishes you for playing a certain way. What other games exemplify lazy design?

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THR1LLHOUSE2308d ago

I can't think of any endgames that sound this lazy...but I'm sure there are plenty of examples out there.

It probably has something to do with that stat that barely anybody actually finishes games, so the incentive isn't on developers to put a ton of work into the ending. Just another crummy thing we've gotta deal with sometimes, I guess.

princejb1342307d ago

idk how could it have been boring for that person if he played for 25 hours
25 hours is a long time

THR1LLHOUSE2307d ago

Right, but he doesn't sound like he enjoyed those 25 hours a whole lot.

T9002307d ago

Fable 3 is a terrible game. Its so dumbed down a monkey could play it.

I played the game for 5 hours then quit out of boredom.

I dont have words to explain how dumbed down the gameplay is, its as if it was designed for 6-8 years old. Until the 4th hour of the game i could literally clear mobs just by Spamming the X button, mindless spamming thats all. later on i had my Spell damage maxed out. All i need to do is stand there, Hold B for few seconds to create area of effect damage spell, anything around me gets killed with 1-2 blasts.

Simply put the game is full of long boring cutscenes or long errands where you must get from point A-B with afew mobs placed in between which like i said before can be mindlessly killed spamming any of the attack buttons.

Imo i would give the game 2/10 even thats being generous.

princejb1342307d ago

yea but like if your bored why force yourself to play it longer
i played gta4 for 3 hours till i was bored to death and sold it

HardCover2307d ago

Because sometimes games grow on you. Sometimes you want to get the full experience. Sometimes you played and enjoyed the previous titles and want to give the next one that you were highly anticipating a fair shot.

StanLee2307d ago (Edited 2307d ago )

I love Fable but I still haven't finished Fable 3. It was lazy. They made changes for making changes sake and they were unnecessary and made the game more cumbersome than it needed to be. I already traded it in. Love Fable 2 but Fable 3 was a huge step backwards.

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Fylus2307d ago

I agree. Fable1 was INCREDIBLE. Fable2 was alright. Fable3 was meh.

Chuk52308d ago

Fable II is one of my favorite games ever, and I found Fable III to be a huge letdown. It just seemed lazy, in fact, many of fable II's strongest points got worse from a technical standpoint.

Horny2307d ago

I'm with you on that, loved part 2 but the third was a complete let down. From the first half hr I knew the game wouldnt be as good.

SITH2307d ago

I enjoyed fable 3. It made an excellent rent.

Pikajew2307d ago

If you find it boring. why do you play it?

SockeyBoy2307d ago

Espicially 25 hours of play

Burning_Finger2307d ago

Maybe he doesn't want to waste $60.

Tony P2307d ago (Edited 2307d ago )

On the other hand, you'd be all over him for not putting enough time into the game to come to an enlightened decision if he only played like thirty minutes.

giovonni2307d ago

I thought it was a let down myself. I beat the game, but wasn't inspired to do anything past that

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