PsvitaPlanet Preview: Uncharted Golden Abyss

After Unchatred trilogy hit the PS3 systems, now is the time for handheld console players to get a hands-on expirience in Uncharted games.

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blusoops2287d ago

This article needs a lot of proof reading.

Will be getting this game day one along with the vita.

supremacy2286d ago

About the proof reading...

Yeah you can say that again, seems like a rushed job.

Protagonist2286d ago

That PSVita in the background with the "dark mohogany" looks amazing.
Would love to see one, made in real life.

Also getting Golden Abyss, but first UC3 - December ;o)

supremacy2286d ago

Well the good thing about this game is... So importing this will make more sense now than before, that is...if you have both the money and will to spend.

Oldman1002286d ago

In terms of gameplay this looks to be the best uncharted yet.