Games that nail the art of scripted game design

These titles know how to make you feel in control while pulling the strings behind the scenes.

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NagaSotuva2285d ago

Heart of Darkness (PS1) had excellent art design.

SockeyBoy2285d ago

I loved the art in Alone in The Dark on Dreamcast, and I thought Limbo was simple but spot on with the game.

kma2k2285d ago

Uncharted 3 had many instances where i wasnt sure if i was still watching a cut scene or not. That is the only game I can reemember that happening this gen. Amazing ins & outs of scripted things happening!

Sevir042285d ago

My Mate who was wathing couldnt even tell if i was playing or watching a movie!!!! there were certain times i was like OMG!!!! what's going on here! NaughtyDog is at the top of there game! Infinityward with COD4:MW was the best Scripted FPS ever created!!!! I also think Insomniac with Resistance 3, did a great example of keeping you in the action with it's scripted Set pieces The very first widow maker battle was proof of this!!

Nac2285d ago

Once again, I will take scripted over cutscenes anyday.