Call of Duty Elite Premium for PC Not Coming "in the Near Future"

Activision's latest update for Call of Duty ELITE on PC has the service not arriving anytime soon.

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DarkBlade46582345d ago

Activision has totally screwed the pooch with this Elite service

Agent-862345d ago

Add to that the lack of ranked dedicated servers and Activision has screwed the PC gamer yet again. This game makes them so much money, but they still subject us to crappy P2P matchmaking. The series has steadily gone downhill on the PC and not even worth playing anymore. That's actually OK for me because I've lost interest in the sameness of the series. Each successive game feels more like an expansion pack rather a new game.

kevnb2345d ago

its the same on console, but people keep buying it more and more on console.

ATi_Elite2345d ago

I don't think PC Gamers really give a rats ass.

I haven't seen anything on Elite except free DLC to justify buying it.

CODMW3 with dedicated servers is enough.

hennessey862345d ago

I thought every pc gamer was on BF3

GraveLord2345d ago

As of me writing this. There's 75k people playing MW3 multiplayer on Steam.

BF3 has 47k playing on Origin.

Sources http://store.steampowered.c...

StayStatic2345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

Thats peak today , current users online for mw3 multiplayer is 20,497.

Also its off peak hours :P

Brawler2345d ago

BF3 would have done so much more if they put it on steam....

ATi_Elite2345d ago

that's Wrong my friend.

it's currently 19,693. It peaked at 75,125

19,693 75,125 Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 - Multiplayer

But BF3 would of been higher if it was On Steam. Low numbers on Origin are because a "app" has been made available to bypass origin and still play BF3. I'm playing BF3 right now without Origin and so are A LOT of others.

But yeah Most PC Gamers are playing BF3 instead of MW3

kevnb2345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

bf3 hits way higher numbers than that on pc. Peaks at around 120, 000 atleast daily. But check out those sick skyrim numbers!

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DemonStration2345d ago

Lots of rough launches this holiday. We'll see how long Activision takes to fix it. DICE/EA launched sloppy with BF3 too but they fixed it so quickly I barely remember there being a problem.

x8002345d ago

Call of Duty Elite Premium for PC Not Coming "in the Near Future"
good we dont need it.

Pikajew2345d ago

We PC gamers have tone of multiplayer shooters we can play. We can play TF2, CS, BF, Halo and much more. People are still playing CoD2 and if the game is popular you can find people playing it.

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