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Super Mario 3D Land Review | iNintendo.net

Daniele M. of iNintendo.net writes, "Mario finally makes his debut on the Nintendo 3DS with Super Mario 3D Land. This title was officially unveiled at Nintendo's Keynote Conference during the Game Developers Conference 2011 which was held in San Francisco. Nintendo teased audiences with a few screenshots, at first looking rather similar to the likes of Super Mario 64 and to an extent Super Mario Galaxy. Nintendo concluded with a temporary title logo simply titled as 'Super Mario' with supporting evidence of Tanooki Mario making a triumphant return which was later confirmed to be the case at E3 2011." (3DS, Super Mario 3D Land) 95/100

RoboSpiff  +   1259d ago
Is this the game where he skins animals alive and wears their fur?
Desert Turtle  +   1259d ago
And mercilessly kills Koopas.
Moduserous  +   1259d ago
Sorry I don't play games that advocate animal cruelty...
AronDeppert  +   1259d ago
Sidology  +   1259d ago
For every animal a member of PETA doesn't eat, I will destroy eight in Super Mario 3D Land.
ssb3173  +   1257d ago
This is a really good game, would advise people to buy it, both those who have a 3ds or are planning/thinking of getting one

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