A look at the Final Fantasy XIII-2 Moogle Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 systems

Square Enix has provided a look at the custom-designed “Moogle” Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 systems for their upcoming role-playing title, Final Fantasy XIII-2.

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frankiebeans2287d ago

im so getting the ps3 if it comes to the US because i need a new ps3 mine dide 6 months ago (60gig launch) and they want 150 bucks to fix it wtf.....

Hicken2286d ago

Sadly, I doubt it'll happen. Remember the one for FFXIII?

dendenmooshi2287d ago

I dig it, but why it has to be pink, i don't know.

ScubbaSteve2287d ago

I think that's the ugliest moogle I've seen in a final fantasy game.

JadedWriter2287d ago

Why can't America ever get a cool special edition PS3? All we ever get are Modern Warfare consoles.

dendenmooshi2286d ago

If you click on the picture inside the link, the PS3 version is also shown.