Kinect Disneyland Adventures vs. the actual Disneyland

How does the digital version of the Magic Kingdom compare to the real thing? A frequent Disneyland visitor compares the two.

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hennessey862308d ago

BF3 VS Actually joining the army

THR1LLHOUSE2308d ago

BF3 -
PRO: Looks like real life!
CON: You need a good computer to run it.

Military -
PRO: Looks like real life!
CON: You might die.

Lifeequals422308d ago

Might be worth checking out...that is if I owned a Kinect.

THR1LLHOUSE2308d ago

So is Disney World gonna be in the sequel, or will it be DLC?

NagaSotuva2307d ago

I'll never let my nephews read this articles.

SybaRat2307d ago

Where's the Captain Eo exhibit?