DS and Wii back on top in Japan

DS sales rose significantly following the release of chart topping Dragon Quest IV, while Wii ousted PlayStation 3 as the home console of choice for the week ended November 25.

Nintendo's handheld shifted almost 120,000 units, driven by the release of Dragon Quest IV, which obliterated the competition in the latest Japanese software chart. It was a good week for Sony's PSP also. Generallly stuck around the 60,000 units per week mark over the past month, the PSP sold in excess of 75,000 units.

After two weeks as the home console of choice, PlayStation 3 sales dropped below those of Nintendo's Wii, but not by much. Less than 4,000 sales separated the pair.

Microsoft's Xbox 360 also sold relatively well, by its own standards, shifting over 7,000 units.

Nintendo DS Lite - 116,694
PSP - 75,027
Wii - 54,362
PlayStation 3 - 50,564
PlayStation 2 - 14,875
Xbox 360 - 7,117

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Multigamer3916d ago

no suprise that the wii is back on top,

Japan = Nintendo
Sony = spain and germany
360 = America and UK

Prismo_Fillusion3916d ago

More like...
Japan = Nintendo (and Sony)
US = Microsoft (and Nintendo)
Europe = Sony

Multigamer3916d ago

primo, sony isnt all europe, its spain, germany and italy, the rest is 360 and wii check the charts.

the ps3 is going to come 3rd this gen.

Prismo_Fillusion3916d ago

You're welcome to your opinion on that. I'm not going to bicker about what happens in the future.

ruibing3916d ago

For now, I think Wii has most of the world, followed closely by PS3 in Europe and Japan, and 360 in the U.S.

mikeslemonade3916d ago

360 will come in third since it sells next to zero in Japan and the sales in Europe will amount to 10 million tops through this generation. The most that any system will sell in America is 45 million which is proven by the PS2 and since no system will dominate like PS2 no one will sell more than that.

Adding that up that's 60 million max that the 360 will sell. They also have nothing better to offer than Bioshock, Halo 3, and Mass Effect in 2008. Gears 2 is the 360's only title that will sell systems for them in 2009.

HarryEtTubMan3916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

You are really gonna get your felling hurt because you Xbox I GUARANTEE YOU will be dead in 2-3 years. The PS3 wont be for 8 to .....we dont even know. PS3 isnt gona come in last. NOT EVEN CLOSE. The 360 won't even come close to PS3's sales in the end. Just like the PS3 will start selling MUCH better in the U.S. in the near future. You will lose. boohoo.

the PS3's sales increased by 10,000 also... very very good sales for both the PS3 and the Wii. This is only the Beginning. haaaa

mesh13916d ago

no 1 in the uk is buying a ps3 that just fact u need to deal with also spain and germanay are not gamers uk sales alone rival the sales of those 2 countrys in temrs of hardware sales america/uk/japan is were games are sold a lot that were microsoft gives sony a bloody nose as they are dominating the uk/usa and belive

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gamesblow3916d ago

Ps3 outsold the wii for the entire month in total sales... I love how the forget to mention that bit of news. They also did it by some 40 thousand units. I then loved how they tried to make the xbox 360 look good by saying it sold well... hahahaha... Yeah, sure thing. Ps3 is outselling it 2 to 1 in Europe and 10 to 1 in Japan... The u.s. market is Sony's next target. Next month we'll see the ps3 out sell the wii in Japan for the total month again too. More/better software on the plate for Sony over there.

predator3916d ago

i must have misses something put in europe the ps3 sold 80 tho and 360 was 67 tho how is that 2:1 last month please tell me my maths must be off there, dont say stuiped comments like that,

ps3 is selling well in japan
its selling ok in europe but only 15-20 tho more than 360 plus not in the uk and france.
america is a diff story.

ps3 sales are getting higher, be happy with that but get ur facts right before saying 2:1 in europe

Rooftrellen3916d ago

No, the PS3 is still outselling the Wii, remember? It was the start of a shift and the Wii was never going to be back on top.

All the PS3 fanboys were claiming victory for the PS3 like they were for the PSP. No one forgot anything, because its about one week.

Unless you want them to point out the PS3 outsold the Wii for one month, which means it is outselling the Wii by a small margin 8% of the time, though earlier in the year, the Wii outsold the PS3 6:1 for the same period of time.

See, though, I think only the numbers now are needed, not a complete history of how the Wii has done so well in Japan, with one little hiccup.

The Maverick3916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

Im going to make acomment for the simple reason that at this point in time i have nothing to do. Who cares at the moment in terms of overall sales its wii, xbox 360 , ps3 why do you all keep arguing over the same thing thing just disguised in a different article, when it changes drastically which i expect it to do by the end of 2008 then argue but for now stop going over what everybody already knows

and gameblow offer me proof that 360 is getting sold 2-1 in europe and i mean hardfacts and then show me an overall worldwide chart and im a simple kind of man so i want numbers not percentages.

gamesblow3916d ago

Well, int's common knowledge and since you all lvoe to use VGcharts for evidence... Since they inflaited the xbox 360 sales for October and you all didn't mind... Look at the total number of units sold for ps3 in Europe... they are far surpassed that of the xbox 360 and have been for the last 2 months. Germany, France, Spain... The lead paltform is the Ps3 by leaps and bounds. Not lies... simple facts.

nix3916d ago

and the world continues...

blacsheep3916d ago

ps3s doing really well and GT5 PROLOGUE is out this month might aswel say as todays the 30th.

only place to gather more sales is USA



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