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New handheld gaming device incoming - the GameGadget

A new handheld gaming device called GameGadget will be released worldwide by the end of this year, it has been announced today. (Dev, GameGadget, Industry, Tech)

MultiConsoleGamer  +   1033d ago
At first I thought this device was nothing more than a re-branded Dingoo. But then I read the full press release on the official site. They have some very ambitious plans for this open source portable. I wish them luck and I will be watching this project with great interest.
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LettingGo  +   1032d ago
Great interest!
3GenGames  +   1032d ago
Sweet, has an SD card so probably will load ROMs onto the emulators as it sounds it's for older games, awesome. I hope the accuracy is good though and expandable/patchable. If it isn't accurate it's useless. The NES PowerPak flash cart is upgradeable with it's mappers and so will be the newest Nintendo on a Chip emulator device being developed by some NESDev members that so you can upgrade the emulator or even add you own or upgrade it. It even does multiple systems like Atari, Coleco, SMS, and more can be added. I hope this is as good as that, but we need more details. But still, has great promise.
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