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GameDynamo - "Rayman Origins is a 2D platformer. Hitting its retro roots, Ubisoft Montpellier and designer Michel Ancel (creator of Rayman) brought out something so fantastically classic, and yet so stunningly up-to-date. The mood, feelings, and humor are all perfectly captured, and the team did an excellent job of bringing out the core of what Rayman Origins is all about: straight-up, well-developed platforming."

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DJ2403d ago

I'm getting this game for Christmas. It'll be a nice break from the Holiday FPS titles.

SockeyBoy2403d ago

Played the demo so many times! and if the demo is that addictive...

blackburn102403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

It makes me mad that this game will be tragically ignored. This seems like sweet platforming bliss.

Optical_Matrix2403d ago

I'm waiting for the Vita release. Will be great to play on the go

ssb31732403d ago

It looks to be quite the interesting game

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