PCN: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Review - 9.5/10 reviews Naughty Dog's Uncharted: Drake's Fortune for the Playstation 3 console.

"The series is bound for greatness and will receive sequels. If you own a PS3 then you must play Uncharted: Drakes Fortune."

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shmee3952d ago

ps3 has strike gold with UNCHARTED,HS and R&C

iceice1233952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

This game has no chance against Halo 3, Mass effect, Bioshock Forza 2, PGR4 or any other game for GOTY. Another average game for the flopstation 3 *YAWN*

Funny how the dead 360 outsells flopstation every month :) Funny how it has the highest attach rate and software sales of what, 50% for all 3 consoles? Yeah, dead. Meanwhile the PS3 struggles to sell, lets not even talk about the games sales...sad. bad-average games on the bottleneck 3 will not be GOTY. True games such as what I listed are. PS3, good as dead, jump in.

Oh and Nasim look what we have here: PGR4


Two marks higher, and PGR4 is the worst in the series right? Well UC must be trash:)

shmee3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

PGR4 has got 7/10 from most websites.

UNCHARTED will be the GOTY 2007

Most eu websites have denounced Mass Effect and dont bring that cartoon HALO 3.

typical XBOT defending dead360 aka GARBAGE BOX 360

AddisonW3952d ago

Uncharted is the undisputed Game of the Year for 2007.

Graphics far beyond any other console game besides perhaps Ratchet and Clank

Amazing movie quality acting and story

Rock solid controls and gameplay

After just one year and the PS3 already has the greatest lineup of games for any system. And Sony hasn't really gotten to most of their big hitters that 120+ million people bought PS2s for last gen like MGS,Final Fantasy, GT, SOCOM, Team ICO and so on.

mesh13952d ago

HAHAHAHAHAHAH u shud be a comic if u think games liek these shud get goty u must be on crack coccaine

Lord Cheese3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

lets think about your statement shall we.

Struck gold with uncharted, heavenly sword, and r&c. Right, well:

Uncharted - i can't comment too much, i've not played it, and no matter how hard i try, the damn demo still wont work (eu demo and a us ps3 arent friendly it seems). However it looks like it has some potential - best exclusive game so far based on the reviews i'd say.

HS - MASSIVE DISSAPPOINTMENT. Graphics are great, voice acting and cutscenes are brilliant, gameplay...erm....just too samey. Bash button-bash button-bash button, followed by frustrating six-axis nonsense. Rinse and repeat. Its not bad, but it tries to be god of war, and there are almost no games that can ever come close.

R&C - Superb fun, but dear lord, i cant remember an easier game. It was over so quick i felt short changed to be honest (despite never laughing my ass off at the disco-ball thingy)

I dont think any of them deserve game of the year. That has to go to bioshock. NOT because its on the 360 (i dont see any reason why they dont just release it on the ps3 as well), but because its the most unique, athmospheric game of the year. So many interesting ideas, awesome plot, tremendous graphics, critically acclaimed by basically everyone...

These games all have good points (as i say, i've not played UC yet - once i'm done with mass effect i'll trade my copy of AC in for it i think) but they arent really killer apps. Fact is, the ps3 still lacks a game thats going to shift systems. Say what you like about halo 3, its gonna shift consoles - m$ made sure of that with the advertising it put behind it - that doesnt make it a better game than whats available on the ps3, but its definately a killer app for the xbox cos it'll shift units - thats what the ps3 needs and doesnt have right now. Hope it gets one or two in 2008, my games collection is getting a bit lop-sided.

Power of Blu3952d ago

Dude, Heavenly sword gameplay was just too samey? You mean like for a hack and slash all you do is hack and slash. Like in an FPS game all you do is shoot stuff? Then you complain about the change to gameplay using the Sixaxis because it's frustrating? I think you need to learn how to use the Sixaxis controller... The Cannon and Bow levels were a joy in HS. Download Super Rub a Dub, will help you learn how to use a next gen gamepad.

Then you go on to say that Ratchet and Clank is too easy. Yet you think Bioshock where you absolutely cannot die should deserve the crown? Bioshock was an awesome game but it had a glaring fault in that there was no penalty WHATSOEVER for screwing up. Let's take a Big Daddy out with a wrench.

I know it's your opinion but your argument against the games above is flawed.

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gamesblow3952d ago

Oh, look... more 9's + that'll never show up on the % sites. hahaah.. What a piece a' joke! Waitin' for those Gametv R&C reviews to show up on those "trusted" % sites, along with 9 other reviews for the game that were all 8.5 and 9 +... Same sites reviewed the game that review xbox 360 games, only those get added to the mix. Bias much?

shmee3952d ago


and CNET is owned by MS

so what do u expect.

Those sites expunge all the bad reviews of x360 games including all the EU reviews.

all the PRO X360 websites are counted but PS3 advanced,psu,ps3 center are not counted in the METACRITIC /GR average

mesh13952d ago

WHAT DO U RETARDS EXPECT ? its from a playstation mag 1 that actaully owned and sponserd buy sony thus its not on metacritic/gamerankings uncharted is a pile of pooo

nix3952d ago

just like you. a poo.

HeartlesskizZ3952d ago

I never had fun looking at the environment until UDF came out =)the water
and the living trees are so photo realistic and the combat system is sure
one of my favorites so far =)

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