Halo 3 WTFiction, By (spoilers)

For anyone who needs to know something about the Halo games, this will lay the story out.

1up writes:
"So, you finished Halo 3. Then you finished it again on Heroic difficulty. Then you teamed up with a friend or three for a Legendary-difficulty playthrough. And at the end of it all, only one lingering question remains: What the hell just happened?"

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shmee3911d ago

with seemingly no good x360 news ...HALO 3 seems to be the only potion.

However this need not be approved since HALO 3 was released in SEPTEMBER

Leord3911d ago

It is still an interesting article/flow diagram of all the Halo universe. I disagree, it should be approved. This isn't about single individuals' interests, but those of the gaming community at large.

NovusTerminus3911d ago

I know there is alot of it. But this might help someone...

Noodlecup3911d ago

Another article on one of the worst high-ranked games ever. I played a game like Halo on my PC once, that was in 1996 and now I'm a little bored.

sevanig3911d ago

so in halo 3 did master chief die or what...
Very confusing ending.
He climbed back into the spaceship???

BIGBAER3911d ago

Players who waited for the credits to scroll by and end were treated to the real ending of Halo 3.

In the pre-credits 'ending' players saw a memorial service for the fallen hero of Humanities victory in the war against the Covenant and the Flood.

On the wall where photos and medals of the deceased were displayed, the number '117' was scratched into the wall's surface. Master Chief Petty Officer John was also known as SPARTAN 117, a SPARTAN II Super Soldier for the UNSC.

This led players to beleive that Master Chief had died. He did not.

Master Chief was left behind in an ejected segment of the escape ship. After the credits he is seen floating in the open segment. Cortana tells him that she will send a distress signal though it might be years until they are rescued.

Master Chief climbs into a cryo-chamber and as it closes he turns to Cortana and says "Wake me when you need me."

I have no doubt that we will see Master Chief again.

vettle13911d ago

nice, good job. i got a laugh outta that one. and for the haters, STFU not everybody likes every game, thats why some games sell millions and some sell thousands retard. so if you dont like the game stay out of the articles and leave it alone. what? are you that lonely?