5 Things Skyrim Could Use

MyNiritori - "Obviously The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was a very impressive game, seeing all of the great reviews it is getting. However, no game is truly perfect, and Skyrim is no exception. Here is some of the things I would have personally like to have seen in the game that would have been awesome, and put everything over the top."

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slayorofgods2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

1. Better Interface
absolutely, it could use a overhaul. Especially on a pc. The favorite list config. is annoying.

2. More options with the 3rd person camera
I'm not sure if the camera is the problem. It is a huge improvement.... Still 3rd person fighting is a little hard, for this it could use a auto lock on a target maybe...

3. Follow the arrow when you get a critical/sneak kill
meh, not a top priority for me. Too much cutscenes slows down the action and can get repetitive.

4. Perk Reset
noob is the first thing that comes to mind, advanced rpgs don't use this feature.

5. Attack while on horse
interesting, it can be a pain to get on and off of your horse to fight bandits.

Dragon steeds would require a lot to develop for in a open worls, maybe if they were used like wow and they eliminated traditional fast travel. Overall, I'm not sure its needed.
coop play, no. too confusing with how well solo play has been developed, I'd tell my partner to screw off to often because I wanted to be a vamp and he wanted to be a werewolf ect.
Better A.I., This will never go away no matter how good ai is, we will always want better.

Jio2286d ago

While an amazing game like Skyrim doesn't need multiplayer, it would be AMAZING if there was an arena deathmatch mode Where you could fight against your friends in an arena.