Thrifty Nerd's Guide to Black Friday

Black Friday is almost here and you have a 50% chance* of being trampled to death if you brave the stores this Friday. If you are going to put your life in danger, you should at least have the best available information before you head out. This article contains the best of the best video game deals at each retailer. Our very favorite deals are displayed in bold.

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ATi_Elite2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

I participated in one Black Friday event by going everywhere with a girlfriend of mine starting at like 10 p.m. Thanksgiving Day and going all day until 9 p.m. Friday. I must of spent about $100 on Starbucks alone that day.

Needless to say that was the first and last time i will ever go to a store or shopping period on Black Friday. The amount of savagery I witnessed over discounted electronics was mind blowing. It's like when the U.N. dumps Rice and Powdered milk off of trucks in Ethiopia and starving people kill each other for food type of savagery.

I love to save a few bucks but I'm not gonna result to caveman tactics and flirt with death to get a discount on a discontinued model of a Toaster, Coffee Maker, or Blender.

"Doorbusters"!!! OMG do you know in some cities this phrase has been outlawed from advertisements because of the amount of people trampled to death trying to be first in line to get the limited item.

Just watch the news and you will see at least 2 deaths and a few shootings alone at Wal-mart. Black Friday is more like Bloody Friday.

Steam and are all you need.

mikedao2280d ago

I've done retail in many a Black Friday. One holiday season saw a shopper in the mall I worked at stabbed over an item. Unbelievable.