Assassin Creed: Revelations - DLC That Could Revive The Revelation

Ubisoft announced the Ancestors Character Pack DLC for Assassin Creed Revelations. Though the content should add an entertaining twist to the multiplayer gameplay, what gamers really want to see from Assassin Creed Revelations is the releases of some new single player content.

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Trainz2348d ago

I don't want any dlc for this game.
In fact I want dlc to die completely for every game.

LoaMcLoa2348d ago

Amen to that!

Give us the full experience from the start!

Yi-Long2348d ago

... it's the reason why I never pick up these games for 50 bucks, but I just wait for a GOTY edition.

AC2 GOTY: 10 bucks NEW with all DLC. great deal for a great game.

I'll do the same for Brotherhood, and somewhere late next year I expect to do the same with Revelations.

Grimhammer002348d ago

Problem. The risk of the community dying.
But otherwise I agree. I just value the time at release when others are as hyped as I am.

But revelations mp is soooo good I suspect people will be playing in a year no problem.

ironfist922347d ago

Rockstar knows how to do DLC well. Same with Gearbox. Bethesda and Bioware also.

Why? Because those are content-filled DLC which enhance the story, not stupid skins or weapons which do nothing to lengthen the experience.