Need for Speed: The Run review [BeefJack]

BeefJack: "Need for Speed: The Run is a deathtrap, hitting every obstacle in its path and careening into new depths for a series that had been looking renewed for the past few years. Don’t waste your time or money."

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aviator1892406d ago

Oh, wow. That's a really low score, lol.

velocitygamer2406d ago

Played the game. Definitely not worth a 2.9 in my opinion, this reviewer must've been on crack while writing this.

BrianC62342406d ago

What score would you give it then? I tried the PS3 demo and I couldn't stand the driving in the snow area. It just didn't work at all. I'm passing on this game.

velocitygamer2406d ago

I would give it a 7 at least. In the demo, the handling of the cars were really shitty, however, in the retail game, the cars feel somewhat more controllable. The game is definitely better than undercover.

BrianC62342406d ago

I hardly played Hot Pursuit so far. Maybe I'll just play that instead. I'm kind of tired of those games anyway.

Cosmit2406d ago

Although I do think this game is crap....ehh 2.9?

Hufandpuf2406d ago

2.9? you can at least drive right?

x8002406d ago

lol is this game really that bad?

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