Grittier graphics in Diablo 3; FXAA Injector saves the day for those seeking for a darker look

DSOGaming writes: "Admit it, you were disappointed with Blizzard's decision to include brighter colors in Diablo 3. We bet that most of you wanted a grittier look and here comes FXAA Injector to save the day. In case the name rings any bell, we informed you about this Skyrim mod a few days ago as it enhances the game's graphics with some amazing results. YouTube user ” went ahead, tweaked and got it working for Blizzard’s hack n slash, so make sure to get it while you still can. We should note that at this point, we are not 100% sure if something like this is allowed by Blizzard or whether they count it as a “hack or cheat”. So use it at your own risk."

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Relientk772283d ago

I really want this game, I love the gameplay videos

Criminal2283d ago

Looks way better than its vanilla version. This is how Diablo 3 should look like.

john22283d ago

Yeap. Really glad that FXAA Injector works great with Diablo 3.